Internet Explorer Customer Service Number

Internet Explorer Customer Service Number

Internet Explorer Support Number Contact Information

 Direct Phone Number(Human):
1800 102 1100
 Call Time(7 Days Week):24*7 Days
 Independent Support:Yes
 Call Time(7 Days Week):02:00AM-11:59PM
 Online Help/Forum:
 Support Email:N/A
 Chat URL:N/A
 Social Network:Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube

How to Contact Internet Explorer Customer Support Number

Internet explorer was one of the oldest web browser started by Microsoft Corporation in 1995. The browser was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95. Since then to now, it made different versions. Its latest version is IE 11. How to Download and Install Internet Explorer It was the pioneer in the web browser market since 2008, then after the entry of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, cause the reason to switch many users from the IE. The principal difference between the IE with the other two browsers is the user-friendly display. However, around 10% of access to the internet are still redirecting from the IE but sometime user have to faces technical issues so they need to Internet explorer technical support helpline where they can find best Internet explorer customer service for users.

Internet Explorer Technical Support Phone Number

The application is certainly frame-worked with high-end security features that include intranet-based site access, developer tools, phishing filter, Attachment Execution feature, Protected Mode feature, Automatic Updates. Those features of IE potentially help to secure the access from phishing and malicious links. Users can get those all the information from the Internet explorer technical support help center webpage of Internet explorer.

Internet Explorer Technical Support Help to Solve Security Issues

Talking about the negative facts of IE, the first thing we prefer to notify here is regarding its security. Many times, the users faced security hack on IE. On December 16, 2008, Trend Micro (a leading internet security firm) releases a statement regarding the security features of IE. The statement says ‘Internet explorer is vulnerable platform. It outside users to take control of a person’s computer and steal their passwords’ However, the Microsoft representatives totally unaccepted their statement. There was a notable statement released by another tech company in 2011. Accuvant, funded by Google, reviewed the security of IE and said that Internet explorer is worse than Google Chrome but better than Mozilla Firefox.

But, who else aren’t sure about the security of Microsoft Corporation? Microsoft is well-structured organization and their prior concern is giving good services to the users. No one has a doubt in that statement. Therefore, we want to say that, if you preferred to use I.E than any other web browser, then we say your decision is good.

However, if you encountered any sorts of issues in Internet explorer, then we say you to contact the internet Explorer customer support, which you may find as the best way to resolve the issues in the right way.

Internet Explorer Customer Support Phone Number

Microsoft didn’t offer a technical support phone number for its IE users, you might know that fact. So, the only way to get assistance is through the help center links placed in the right side bar of the IE page. Click that link to see the solutions of regarding the common issues of IE and its best solutions. You can also redirect to the same page by simply typing with ‘Internet explorer help center’ on a search bar of the search engine and find many Internet explorer customer service phone number helpline. We hope that option will works you to get right-time solutions for your mailing issues. You can also find many re-directing links to report an issue to contact the IE or Internet explorer technical support team on various pages that added in the IE help center. Use the keyboard short key (Alt+L) to access the Internet Explorer Customer Support easily.