Top 9 Hidden Features of Gmail, Best Innovative Most Useful Gmail Features You Should Know

If we discussing about any web mail service that have most interesting and hidden features, the only name that kick out in our mind is Gmail. Yes! This is only the Gmail who offers us that kind of facilities and features which make the life and work smarter as comparison to any other web mail services. We can see, all the users have Gmail account and some of have multiples of Gmail account, so what the best thing about Gmail is? Obviously it’s amazing features, so that we can easily maintain all tasks.

We heard some of the most common features of Gmail like: sending and receiving mail, taking mail backup, delete web history, create multiples of account and so on. But today through this post you come to know some of the hidden/unseen features of Gmail that have not yet been known by the users.

  1. If you are getting worried about the unnecessary emails and newsletter, then you can easily create spam filter and get rid of this problem. Users use this feature for subscribing to less interesting internet services.
  2. If you want to sync your all contacts with the Gmail id then make sure you can easily do that without any problem. This will easily done on all android, blackberry, iOS, and windows phones.
  3. If by mistakenly you delete any of your important contact then no issue, you can easily restore your all contacts within 30 days. This is one of the best and great option you have in which you can easily recover your all deleted contacts.
  4. Through Gmail labs you can easily add your Google calendar to Gmail.
  5. You can easily set your desktop notification if you are very serious about your email. By the help of this desktop notification you can view your all messages.
  6. If you are frustrated about your unnecessary email then you can delete all the mails at once.
  7. Suppose you want to send the mail to anyone and meanwhile you found that there is minor mistake in your message, at that time you can use unsend mail option but make sure this feature is works for a few seconds after you click on send button.
  8. You can add stars or symbols to mark your email.
  9. Today every person wants fast work for that purpose they prefer shortcut keyboard. And here Gmail offers you keyboard shortcut which speed up your mailing experience.

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