Mozilla Thunderbird New Account Configuration Quick Method to Create, Register or Sign Up Mozilla Thunderbird Account.

Mozilla Thunderbird New Account Configuration Quick As we Know Gmail is given by Google Company same way Mozilla thunderbird is given by Mozilla Company. it is the new in a email world so it providing various features to its user such as mail account setup, one click address book, personalize email address, attachment reminder, multiple chat channel and many more. So when It release on dec 7 2004 with version 1.0 it gets a huge response over internet and within a first three days it gets 500,000 download and 1,000,000 in three 10 days.

How Do I Get Register and Sign Up to Mozilla Thunderbird Account for Own New Account Creation

On email services Mozilla thunderbird providing a huge facility and features to its user so over internet people frequently joining the Mozilla thunderbird But like Gmail thunderbird is not email provider so when you have to get register to Mozilla thunderbird email account then fist you have to register with any email service provider company of your own choice then you setup an account in Mozilla thunderbird.

Quick Method : Mozilla Thunderbird Account Configuration for New Account Create :

  • When you start Mozilla thunderbird for first time select File-> New-> Get a new mail account
  • Enter the name for your Mozilla thunderbird account
  • Select the desired provider and click search
  • Select given address
  • Now you will prompted to email service provider to create a new account
  • Then thunderbird automatically configure so you can begin start email services.

As we know Mozilla thunderbird is new and has tricky option to configure their email account, so user must gets troubles in sign up and configure their email account in Mozilla thunderbird. If someone have any troubles in Mozilla thunderbird account they they can take help of Mozilla thunderbird forum facility and get the various solutions for your troubles if a user is unsatisfied with the solution they can also contact Mozilla thunderbird customer service phone number and get instant support and solution for Mozilla thunderbird account.

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