Mozilla Thunderbird Not Sending or Receiving Emails

Mozilla thunderbird is the Mozilla corporation web mail that frequently got to the list of top email client. Mozilla Thunderbird Not Working Today this is also in one in the popular webmail available on the internet. It has not the popular like Gmail or Outlook but it is successful to attract the internet user that’s why number of user increasing day by day mozilla thunderbird not working with gmail.

Mozilla Thunderbird Not Responding?

Mozilla Thunderbird Not Responding The main advantages of Mozilla thunderbird is open source and cross plate form features. mozilla thunderbird not showing emails So with the invention of Mozilla thundered it gets 50,000 download in three first three day and after 10 days it gets 1,000,000 download.

Mozilla Thunderbird Not Working After Update?

Mozilla Thunderbird Not Working After Update If you are not yet registered with Mozilla thunderbird then you can simply go to Mozilla thunderbird official sites from just download and configure Mozilla thunderbird on your computer and simply configure your thunderbird account on it. mozilla thunderbird not accepting password So far as old user is concern we have seen most of complaint regarding user having troubles in email sending and receiving. This can be occur due to various reason. mozilla thunderbird not sending emails If you have facing these kind of issues then you can get solution here so you can easily fix it.

Mozilla Thunderbird is Unable to Send Messages and Cannot Receive Emails, How to Fix It.

If you are getting email sending and receiving problem in Mozilla thunderbird then it mostly occur due to Mozilla thunderbird configuration issues so you have to fix it carefully. Below there are quick solution of how to fix it.

Unable to send Emails in Mozilla thunderbird:

Mozilla Thunderbird Not Working After Update If you are unable to send email messages from your Thunderbird account, there can be two reasons behind this:

Inappropriate Thunderbird Settings

Blocked Port 25 by ISP (Internet Service Provider)

  • To resolve this issue:
  • Ensure that Thunderbird Settings are appropriately configured
  • Incoming mail server  must be POP3/IMAP server
  • Outgoing mail server will be SMTP server
  • Username: the full e-mail address like
  • SMTP authentication must be enabled for the login to be successful.

Cannot Receive Messages in Mozilla Thunderbird:

If the Thunderbird account fails to receive messages, check whether the account is configured correctly. To check settings for Thunderbird account:

  • Select Tools and then click on Account Settings
  • From the list that appears on the left pane, select Server Settings
  • You can see the configuration settings at the top of the page to verify the connection to the incoming mail server

The email account provider gives you connection information about the servers. Ensure that the account settings match these settings.

Now almost your issues have been fixed. But if you are again having email sending and receiving problem in Mozilla thunderbird then just take the help of Mozilla thunderbird support forum this gives the proper instruction about how to fix it. In advance if you want to get expert solution then just contact to Mozilla thunderbird customer service toll free number and get instant solution for your problem so you can utilize your email services once again.

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