How to Send a Bigger Video Clip to Our Friends through Gmail Email Attachment Uploading Step by Step Instruction

Have you ever trying to send video files through your any of email account like: Hotmail, Zoho mail, Yahoo etc but you efforts are in vain. Because you are not able to send the video files due to lack of storage capacity. Some of the web mail services have limited storage capacity and due to this inconvenience user didn’t send any type of video files to other.

But in the case of Gmail it doesn’t happens because Gmail offers you unlimited storage of capacity so that user can easily send and receive the mails with attachment and video files too. The Gmail offers 15GB of storage capacity for their users this means that, through Google drive you can send any of video files whatever the file size is in an effective way without any problem. But how? This question is still roaming inside the users mind “how to email the video files or clips through Gmail”. Well this is not a big task, by following the below steps you can simply email video files.

How to Send a Bigger Video Clip to Our Friends through Gmail Email Attachment Uploading Step by Step Instruction

  • First of all you have to sign in your Google drive account “” on your android or iOS device. Through Gmail you send up to 25MB of messages using the attachment button. But in case of video, using the drive allows to send any size of videos.
  • This uploading process can be easily done in both desktop and mobile app version.
  • For desktop- simply drag the file which you want to upload in drive window. For this: just click on new button, then select the file upload and the browser for video file on your computer system
  • For Mobile- now search the file in your mobile device which you want to send into drive. Here you can use file manager app to browse your stored file.
  • Now it’s time to wait until it uploads. But make sure, you are not able to attach the file until it has been completely uploaded.
  • Once your video has been uploaded then next step is to compose your message.
  • You can attach your video file from Google drive. For this:
  • For desktop- just click on drive icon, once you click on it, lots of drive files is appear in new window. & select the video you want.
  • For mobile- just click on attachment on your screen and choose insert from drive. Here select the video file which you want to send and finally click on select.
  • Once it done, click on send button.

Now it’s over. Here your recipients would able to get the video file by clicking on that link in your message.

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