How to Sync Outlook Contacts with iPhone without iTunes

outlook contact groups not showing up on iphone Microsoft outlook frequently use by the professionals user. They keep their important contacts and emails into it. These contacts are very important to them and their business so they don’t wanna lose it and can’t wait long to reach their contacts. outlook app contacts missing This contacts are easily sync with your phone whatever you smart phone using it.

How to Sync Contacts with the Outlook App?

How to Sync Contacts with the Outlook App In a Outlook it is possible to sync your contacts with Iphone. outlook contacts search not working 2020 If you are using iphone and want all your contact sync with your phone then you can take the provided guidelines of outlook. To sync outlook contacts there are very easy steps that user have to follow. outlook 365 contacts search not working These steps are given below.

How to Automatically Sync Contacts Between Outlook and Gmail?

  • To get sync your outlook contact just open your iphone settings
  • Scroll down and tap the account and password settings given on your iphone.
  • Just tap to add account
  • Tap outlook it is just next to last option on your iphone
  • Enter your outlook username and password and get sign in.
  • Tap yes this allow your iphone to get access outlook data.
  • Now  slide the contacts to on
  • Now slide Email to on and other option that you want to sync with your Iphone.
  • Now tab the save so all thing from outlook start syncing in your iphone.

How to Sync Microsoft Outlook Contacts with iPhone?

outlook contacts not syncing with iphone contacts In you iphone there are such a wonderful procedure to get sync your Outlook contacts even you can also tap  other things such as emails, calendar, etc from outlook   start sync in your iphone. outlook contacts not showing in address book But if you have any troubles in Sync outlook contacts in iphone or need an online experts for sync contacts in Iphone then you can take the help of Outlook customer service online specialist anytime and you can obtain maximum support of outlook technical support members absolutely free and get all outlook contacts on your Iphone.

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