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How to Delete Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

How to Delete Saved Passwords on Google Chrome Keeping your password with Google chrome web browser or any is good thing but it becomes dangerous while you don’t have own separate computer. Your account may access by other people and it may lead to account hacked or stolen information, etc. To protect your self don’t save your password with any browser.

How to Disable Password Saving in Google Chrome?

How to Stop Autofill Passwords From Showing in Chrome In case if you have saved your password with Google chrome web browser then you can remove it easily in few seconds. Google chrome provides various option to deal with the saved password. It can be done using History and cookies removal, the best thing about history and cookies deletion is it deleted all thing such as browsing data, download history, cache image and files, cookies and other site data, password, autofill form data, hosted app data, media license and second way to delete saved password is through password and forms and manage password.

How to Remove saved password in Google chrome.

How to Remove a Saved Password from a Browser In Google chrome all saved password can be remove through two most frequently used way i.e through history and cookies and manage password in password and forms.

Remove History and Cookies to Remove all password:

  • Launch Google chrome, Go to the settings=> Advance settings
  • Now go to the privacy and security and click on clear browsing data
  • Check all things
  • Now click clear browsing data.

Remove saved password using password and form

  • Launch Google chrome, Go to the settings =>Advance settings
  • Now find password and forms and Go to the manage password
  • In saved password you seen list of all username and password saved with Google chrome
  • Delete saved password.

In a future if you have any troubles with Google chrome, just contact to chrome specialist to get best way to resolve existing issues.

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