How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox

How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox

How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox on Mac?

How to Install Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10:  After Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is the second-best web browser with millions of users worldwide. It is very simple, easy to use a browser that is also very user friendly. Firefox can be easily downloaded and installed on a number of platforms and operating systems with great ease. Users who wish to work on Mozilla Firefox can download and install it in your device just by following the right steps. In this article, the steps for downloading and installing Mozilla Firefox on different operating systems are provided below.

Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer Latest Version 2020

The offline installer allows the user to install Mozilla Firefox even when no internet connection is available. The steps for downloading Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer are provided below.

  • From the official website, download standalone offline installer.
  • The offline installer will be downloaded in your Downloads folder.
  • Go to the Downloads folder and double click on the setup file.
  • A window will appear on the screen asking you to allow Firefox to make changes to your device.
  • The installation will begin automatically. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.
  • Once the installation is completed successfully, Mozilla Firefox will launch on your screen.

Mozilla Firefox Free Download for Windows 7 64-bit Latest Version

For your Windows 7 64-bit device, follow the instructions given below to download Mozilla Firefox:

  • From any browser, go to the official website and click on the Download Now button to download Firefox.
  • The Firefox Installer will start to download automatically for your computer.
  • For Internet Explorer or Edge browser, a notification bar will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on Run to start the process.
  • For other browsers, you will have to save the Firefox installer to your device.
  • Now, go to the Downloads folder and open the file you downloaded.
  • A User Account Control dialog will appear asking you to allow the Firefox Installer to make changes to your computer. In this dialog box, click on Yes to start the installation.
  • The installation of Mozilla Firefox will begin automatically. Once the installation is complete, Firefox will open on your device.

Mozilla Firefox Free Download for Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit

On your Ubuntu device, download and install Mozilla Firefox by following the instructions given below.

  • Go to the Firefox download page and download Firefox to your home directory.
  • Open a Terminal and go to the home directory: cd ~.
  • Next, extract the contents of the downloaded file: tar xjf firefox-*.tar.bz2.
  • If Firefox opens on its own, close the same.
  • To start Firefox, run the Firefox script in the Firefox folder: ~/firefox/firefox.
  • Mozilla Firefox will again start on its own. Create an icon on your desktop to run this command.

Mozilla Firefox Free Download for Mac os x 10.10.5

For the Mac OS device, you can download and install Mozilla Firefox by following the steps given below.

  • Open the Safari browser and go to the official website of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click the download button to download Firefox. If you want to select a specific language for installing Firefox, click on the ‘Download in another language’ link under the download button.
  • After the file downloads, a Finder window containing the Firefox application will appear automatically.
  • Copy the Firefox icon on top of the Applications folder by dragging it to that folder.
  • After dragging Firefox to the Applications folder, hold down the control key while clicking in the window and from the menu select Eject Firefox.

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