How to Block Someone Address on Gmail Who is Continuously Sending Spam Emails to Me Step by Step Instruction

Gmail is renowned web mail over internet, introduce on  1 April 2004 by a Google , a famous search engine company. Now it’s covers maximum internet user and becomes the frequently used web mail for this era. If anyone doesn’t have email id but looking to register their first mail id then Gmail is their first choice of email account.

In Gmail each day we gets many emails, in which some of messages are useful to us and many email are useless. Mostly user receives primary, social, professional messages. if someone getting  messages b y a same person and they continuously sending you useless messages or news letter that is non of your use then  you can effectively block that sender so you can don’t see emails again by that sender.

So far as emails block is concern you can’t block email directly. You must use filter featues so when emails comes from specific user or address it automatically deleted. So you can’t see this message to your Gmail inbox.

How to Block Someone on Gmail That is Continuously Sending Spam Emails to Me Step by Step Instruction :

  • Open Gmail account
  • Go to the settings
  • Click the filter
  • Enter the settings for your filter including from, To, Subject, Has the world, doesn’t have
  • Click on create filter

Now if emails come from specific sender it automatically diverted to trash folder or whatever action set by you. So it doesn’t see in your inbox. If you have any troubles in block Gmail emails or need remote support for how to block emails in Gmail just contact Gmail specialist and get instant solution of your problems.

Keep all spam out use How to stop spam email in Gmail

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