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How to Remove Google Chrome Extensions

Disable Google Chrome New Extension Quick Steps: Google chrome is frequently used web browser across web. It provides an excellent search algorithm and the best thing about Google chrome is it gives the first priority to the local searches. So each country has its own search result and it may be differ from other country or its ranking may be changes. To enhance and modify the search result there are various add- ons or plug-in available in a Google chrome. This is a software program and once it installed to chrome, it makes the view of the specific page that not showing prior to the.

How to Disable Google Chrome Extensions

The best thing of about extension is it can add more functionality, result are organized and it can customize your chrome browser in little bit. If a user has to get some specific page they can download and install the extension from Google chrome web store and when it is not needed it can be disable or remove from your browser.

How to Get a New Extension or Add extension in Google chrome:

How to delete extensions on chromebook A new chrome extension can be download and install from Google chrome web store, below there are simple procedure to get a new extension.

  • Click the three vertical dot given top right corner of Google chrome.
  • Go to the more tools then choose extension.
  • Now click to get more extension and search the extension
  • Choose one and click add to chrome, now download and install the extension.
  • Finally relaunch the browser.

How to update previously installed extension:

When you open More tools => Chrome extensions download extension then you see your all installed extension and just top of extension there are option update extension now. So if you interested to update all installed extension just click update extension now and your all installed extension start updating and it will activate in few seconds.

5 Steps to Disable or Remove Extension From Google Chrome:

Keeping lots of extension may slow down your computer performance so better your browser performance you need to disable or remove useless extension from your chrome. Remove chrome extensions android It can be done in few seconds, Remove chrome extensions mac Below there are simple procedure to disable or remove extension.

  • Click three vertical dots then more tools =>extension
  • Now you see all installed extension here
  • In the right corner of each extension you seen checked enable and remove from chrome option.
  • To disable your extension just unchecked the extension
  •  if you don’t wanna use extension you can also remove it. to remove this just click on remove from extension.

How to Remove Chrome Extensions In a future if you have any troubles in Google chrome or need some help for chrome just contact Google chrome customer service specialist and get your problem solution How to Uninstall Extensions in Chrome, Firefox, and Other.

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