Gmail Contacts Missing on Android

How to Solve Contacts list disappeared in Gmail? You can readily use Google contacts to save the email addresses and phone number of the person you regularly e-mail. All your contacts will remain absolutely safe and accessible whenever you want. This is one of the reasons why Gmail is immensely popular. Gmail Not Working in Chrome However, Google contact is not completely immune to the problems.  Every now and then we can see Gmail users complaining that their contacts suddenly disappeared when they try to access them. Losing the Google contacts can be really annoying for the users especially if they have to send some important emails.

How to Contact Gmail Customer Service in USA If you are also a Gmail user and wondering how to solve contacts list disappeared in Gmail Not Working issue then this article is tailor-made for you. Here, we will discuss the method by which you can solve contacts list disappeared in the Gmail problem smoothly.

Why Gmail Contact List has Vanished on Android?

Before moving on to the steps to recover lost Gmail contact we have to understand why Gmail contacts list is disappeared suddenly. It is quite difficult to list down all the possible factors that can cause Gmail contacts list to vanish. Gmail 404 Error However, there are some generic reasons or factors that are common for most of the users as given below:

  • Installing way too many applications in the Smart Phone.
  • Using the browser that is not compatible with the Gmail.
  • Installing random add-ons and applications in the Gmail.
  • Contact syncing problem in Gmail App.
  • Improper exporting or importing of Gmail contacts.
  • Virus or malware infection in your phone or computer system.

How to Talk to a Live Person at Gmail Whatever be the reason, it can cause a great deal of hassle for you if you can’t restore your Gmail contacts properly Gmail Customer Service Number.

How to Restore Disappeared Contacts list in Gmail Account?

Luckily, Google contact has an inbuilt function that can solve Contacts list disappeared in Gmail in a matter of seconds. How to Change Your Gmail Account Password Follow the steps given below the restore vanished Gmail contacts straight away.

  1. First of all, you need to log into your Gmail account. Remember you should log in using the web browser, not through the Gmail App.
  2. Click on Gmail from the top left corner of the Gmail inbox page.
  3. Choose contacts from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now from the top navigation bar, you need to select “More”.
  5. Click on “Restore Contacts” from the dropdown menu that appears.

That’s it; you don’t have to do anything else. The Gmail contacts will be restored to the previously saved state automatically. is Not Responding iPhone The previously saved state is the time when you have altered the data in your Gmail contacts list.

Prevent your Gmail Contacts list from disappearing

Here are some precautionary tips that can help you prevent sudden disappearing of Gmail contacts list in future.

  1. Never install too many applications in your smartphone. The app installing capacity is different for all the smartphone generally depending upon the internal memory and RAM.
  2. Never import or Export Gmail contact if you don’t have a proper understanding of POP and IMAP protocols.
  3. Keep scanning your device with a good antivirus to keep a check on viruses and malwares.

How to fix “Bad Request Error 400” for Gmail in Google Chrome

Get Solutions Steps to Fix How do you solve Bad Request Error 400 for Gmail in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer?  In case you’re trying to login into multiple Gmail account on chrome then you might be getting the error “bad request error 400”. It is also observed that the problem occurs even when you try to send an attachment to someone. While many users resolve the issues with the help of a local technician but there are many who don’t know how to fix and where to get the resolution from. To help such users, in this post we’ll be discussing the quick fix to solve the error 400 bad request in chrome.  You can fix the issue all by yourself without the help of an expert. Now let’s come to the real question that many of the Gmail users ask “How do you solve bad request error 400 for Gmail in chrome”, Bad Request Error 400 for Gmail  Mozilla Firefox Browsers, Internet Explorer? To answer that we’ll dig a little deeper into the issue itself and then figure out the common solution that works like a charm.

How do I Fix Gmail Errors?

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What does Bad request error 400 mean in Gmail when using on chrome?

Before we dwell to the solution of this error, it is important for you to understand the reason why the Bad request error 400 occur in the first place. A 400 bad request error simply occur when the data sent by the client to the server doesn’t follow the guidelines of the network. There are many ways to fix bad request error 400 from happening. Let’s now understand the solutions to fix the Bad request error 400 for Gmail in Chrome.

Working solution to get rid of Bad request error 400

Here are some quick working solutions to resolve the error 400 of bad request that occurs in Gmail when you use it in Google Chrome-

Solution 1: Using developer’s tool method to fix the problem

  • First and foremost, you need to right-click on the screen where the error message is displaying.
  • Select the “Inspect element” tab.
  • Then select the “resources” tab from the developer tools window.
  • Expand the “cookies” section present in the left side.
  • Now, select the cookie and then right click on GMAIL_IMP option.
  • You need to click the “delete” button and then close the tools window.
  • Now reload/refresh the page displaying the bad request error 400.

Solution 2: Clearing the cookies

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the settings by clicking the three dots on the top-right corner.
  • Now go to the advanced settings by clicking “Show advanced settings”.
  • Go to the Privacy section and click the “content settings” button.
  • Now you’ll find the “Cookies” section where you need to click all cookies and site data to open them.
  • Type in the search box of Gmail and click on the “done” button.
  • Refresh the webpage giving you the error.

If both of the solutions given above fail to remove the error then for further help and guidance, you can contact the Google Gmail support to fix it.

How to Fix Gmail Bad Request Error 400 Chrome

How do I solve the Gmail error 404 in an effective way? The temporary error 404 is an error that indicates that the webpage you are looking to open is removed or not available. If you are facing error 404 while using How to Fix Gmail 404 Error Gmail then you are not alone. A lot of users face Gmail error 404 on quite a frequent basis. This error generally comes with a message i.e. “Temporary Error (404)”. The reasons behind Gmail error 404 can be quite diverse. You can face this error because of a web crash, bad cookies and caches of your browser etc.

How to Fix Gmail Error 400 Not Found

This error is usually temporary and gets fixed easily after refreshing the Gmail for two to three times. However, sometimes this error can stay for a long time and cause a great deal of nuisance. Gmail Not Working in Chrome In this tutorial, you will find the most convenient method to solve Gmail error 404 in an effective way.

Why you are facing Gmail Error Code 404?

If you want to solve the Gmail error 404 in an effective way then you should know the exact reason why you are facing such an issue. Generally, this error code appears due to the following reasons.

  1. Outdated or unsupported browser.
  2. Third party add-ons and applications in your browser causing problems in Gmail.
  3. Gmail Lab causing the problems
  4. Your Antivirus or Firewall settings blocking the Gmail webpage to open.
  5. You are not authorized to open the webpage.

5 Steps to Fix Gmail Error 404

In case you wondering how to fix Gmail Error Code 404 then we will like to tell you that it is quite easy. Gmail Customer Service Number All you have to do is follow the steps given below progressively and you will get rid of Gmail Error 404 seamlessly.

  1. First of all, make sure that you are using the browser that is compatible with Gmail. Gmail is fully compatible with the Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers.
  2. Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of the browser.
  3. If you are using a compatible browser then you should clear the cache and cookies of the browser.
  4. Try to load the web page again after disabling the different Add-ons and Extensions added to your web browser one by one.
  5. In case you have any Gmail labs enabled in your Gmail account then you should disable it for some time. Try to reload Gmail after disabling Gmail labs.

Some Helpful Tips Fix Gmail Error 400

How to Contact Gmail Customer Service in USA We hope that you are able to solve the Gmail error 404 in an effective way by following the above-mentioned methods. However, if the problem continues, you should follow the instructions given below:

  1. Make sure you are authorized to view the webpage you are looking to open.
  2. Disable your antivirus and firewall settings for a while and try to reload Gmail again.
  3. Download and install any missing windows update. To know more Contact Live Gmail Customer Service

How to Remove Double Spacing in Gmail Signature

How to fix Gmail signature problem in Gmail? Gmail saves the day when it comes to sending and receiving emails quickly and hassle-free. Not only this, it comes with so many features that it’s nearly impossible for you not to have an account in Gmail. These features of Gmail include- Gmail signature, Calendar organization, self-destructing emails, and freedom to change the inbox view among others. But there are times when users face certain problems in Gmail. Here in this post, we’ll solve the issue raised by a lot of people on how to fix Gmail signature problem in Gmail.

How to Change Line Spacing in Gmail Signature?

Gmail signature problem is one of the most common problems faced by the users which make the experience of using Gmail a little uneasy and tacky for them. But Gmail users need not worry as in this post we’ll unfold the solution with which you can easily get rid of Gmail signature problem in Gmail. In case you’re troubled with Gmail signatures and cannot create it or you’re facing problem with formatting in Gmail signature or you don’t know how to fix line spacing in Gmail signature then keep on reading the post for the solution.

4 Ways to Create Email Signature in Gmail?

Creating an email signature in Gmail is not an uphill task. All you need to do is make some changes in the settings and you’re good to go. To create Gmail signature, here’s what you should do-

  • Open the Gmail app and click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on the “settings” tab.
  • Now locate the signature section by scrolling down. Add your signature and save the changes by clicking the “save changes” button.
  • There you go, you have successfully created email signature in Gmail.

Solution to the Problem with Formatting in Gmail Signature?

There are times when you want to send some images or attachments to someone but Gmail signature creates problem for you. In case the images you’re trying to send is adding up as attachment or you’re facing formatting issues in Gmail then the solution is pretty simple. You should clear your web browser’s cache and cookies and then login into Gmail. Now you’ll see that Gmail works just fine and no further issues in formatting in Gmail signature will arise. However, in certain cases, you need to make some changes in the settings to get rid of the problem.

4 Ways to Fix Line Spacing in Gmail Signature?

Line spacing problem in Gmail usually occurs when you try to copy paste a document in Gmail text. If you encounter that the spacing has doubled up while pasting a text in Gmail then we assume that you might be frustrated already and are looking for a quick fix to resolve this issue. Don’t worry as we’ll give you the quick fix that you’ve been waiting for. Without testing your patience, let’s jump straight to the solution-

  • Click on the gear icon on the top-right corner of the Gmail.
  • Now click on the “display setting” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the display settings to &#8220 and Compact&#8221 and save those changes.
  • Now copy and paste a text in Gmail and you won’t see the unnecessary spacing anymore. Visit Gmail Technical Support

How to Fix Google Account Disabled Due to Suspicious Activity


Google account recovery without phone number Unable to access Gmail account, getting message like sorry your account has been disabled. Mostly this kind of error occurs when you are doing such kind of things that violet Google term of service. If you believe you are not violating the Google term of services or its just a mistake, contact Gmail.

How to Reactivate My Suspended Gmail Account That Disabled Temporarily Due to Suspicious Activity Quick Support

If someone not following the Google policy,
how to restore disabled google account, how to delete a disabled google account their account must be possible to be suspended, the Google policy include the Google term of service, the user content and conduct policy and other policies for Google services.

How to Restore Gmail Account:

How to restore disabled google account If you think its just a mistakes, you are not violating Google tem of service, the user content policy, and the policies of any product or service you use, submit a request form

Submit request form:

  • Go to
  • Do you sign in to your Google Account with a Gmail address? Gmail addresses end with or
  • Choose Yes or No, Check no if you are not able to sign in
  • Provide an active Email address where Google easily contact you
  • Please let us know any additional information we might find helpful.
  • Perform verification to identify you are not robot
  • Submit form

How to Recover Google Account Disabled Due to Suspicious Activity

How to Recover Google Account Disabled Due to Suspicious Activity If you need external help regarding how to restore disable Gmail account, then you simply contact online Gmail support service and get relevant help by certified technician and get the best rid and all alternatives that helps in recovery disable Gmail account.

Also read : Top 10 Annoying, User Facing Gmail Issues And its Solutions


How to Fix can’t access Gmail Account on Different Devices

How Can You Recover Your Gmail Password

How to fix can’t access Gmail account on different devices ? A lot of Gmail users finds difficulty in accessing their Gmail account on different devices like computer, laptop, iPhone, Android phone to name a few. There are many reasons why you encounter login issues in Gmail. A few of them are “using the incorrect password”, “network connectivity problem”, “account got compromised”. While we know how frustrating it can be when you simply cannot access your Gmail account but on a positive note there are ways to fix such problems. In this post, we’ll tell you the ways through which you can easily access Gmail account on any device or any web browser. Keep on reading to know more about the solution.

Resolution to “Cannot access Gmail account in computer/laptop” Issue

If you cannot login into Gmail on computer or laptop then it’s highly likely that your computer system or laptop is not connected to the Internet. You need to make sure that the Internet connectivity you’re getting is stable. How to Change my Gmail Password Without Phone Number There might also be an issue with the web browser you might be using to access Gmail. Make sure that the browser is updated to the latest version. If you still cannot login into your Gmail account then, follow the instruction given below-

  • Go to the Gmail account recovery page.
  • Enter your email id or phone number and follow the instructions to recover the password/email id.
  • Set the new password and login into Gmail using your valid Gmail id and password.
  • If the problem still persists, then clear the cache and cookies of the web browser and then attempt the login one more time.

Fixing the Cannot access Gmail account in a web browser like chrome/Mozilla Firefox Problem

In case you fail to login into your Gmail account on different web browser like chrome, Mozilla then you need to first ensure if the problem is occurring in a particular browser or with all browsers. How to Reset my Gmail Password Without Phone Number Suppose if the problem is happening only when you try to access Gmail in chrome then you need to clear the cache and cookies from Google chrome. Here’s how you can remove/delete the cookies and cache from chrome-

  • Open chrome and click on the three dots at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Now select the “History” tab and open the history.
  • On the left corner, you’ll see the option “clear browsing data”. Click on the option.
  • Put a check across the “browsing history”, “cookies” and “cached images and files” options.
  • Click on the “clear data” button to delete.
  • Now login into Gmail and check if the problem is resolved or not.

How to Recover Your Gmail Password Without Phone Number The same procedure is to be followed if the problem is with other browsers as well. In case you still cannot sign into Gmail then you may contact Google support for more assistance.

Solution to Cannot Access Gmail in Android Phone and iPhone

Recover Gmail Password without any Information Many times it has been observed that users fail to sign into their Gmail account in Android phone or iPhone. It can be either to the fact that they have forgotten their Gmail password or their account has been compromised. In case, you are How Can You Recover Your Gmail Password typing the correct password but still can’t login into Gmail and think that someone else is using your account then you must perform account recovery step as stated in the first case. As soon as you recover your Gmail account, make sure to login using the new password on your phone too. To know more Gmail Customer Service

Google Couldn’t Verify This Account Belongs to you Gmail

Solutions Tips to complete Gmail account recovery stepsGoogle couldn’t verify this account belongs to you :  Since the introduction of Google’s webmail service i.e. Gmail, it continues to be the favorite of a large number of email users. The main reason behind its unmatched popularity is its security features. How to Reset Google Account Password Without Recovery Email You will never be able to use a particular Gmail account if Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you. It implements the best encryption methods to keep your Gmail messages safe and secure. But sometimes, due to this full proof security, many users get locked out of Gmail and unable to log in to their email accounts.

Gmail Password Recovery Support Phone Number

Google Play Store Not Working In case you are also encountering the error message i.e. “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” then this article is just for you. Here, we will discuss the most convenient method to process Gmail Account recovery and get rid of this error message.

How to fix “Google couldn’t verify this belongs to you” error message?

As the error message itself suggests, you are receiving this error message because Google is not sure whether this account belongs to you or you are trying to hack the account. The only way you can fix this issue by proving that the google account you are trying to log into belongs to you. You can prove this by the following two methods.

  1. Gmail Account Recovery using Recovery Options such as Phone Number and Email id.

Follow the steps given below to recover Gmail account using recovery options.

  • First of all, visit the Gmail login page and provide your Gmail ID.
  • Click on “Forget password” when prompted to enter the Gmail password.
  • Enter the last Gmail password you remember. Click on “Try another way” if you can’t remember any previous password.
  • Now, Gmail will send a verification code to your recovery phone number or alternative email id.
  • Enter the code received on your phone number or alternate email id.
  • Now, you will be able to create a new Gmail password for future logins.

That’s all you need to do to recover Gmail account if you have a recovery phone number or email ID added to your account. But what if you don’t have added any recovery phone number or email?

  1. Recovering Gmail Account without Recovery Phone Number or Email ID.

In case you don’t have any recovery option such as recovery phone number or email ID added to your account then you should follow the steps given below:

  • Reach the Google recovery form by providing your email id and clicking “Forget Password” link at Gmail login page
  • Make sure to fill the “Google recovery form” using the device you usually use to log into Gmail.
  • Google will ask you a different type of questions to verify your identity.
  • Keep clicking “Try another way” if you are not sure how to answer the Google account recovery security questions.
  • Try to answer as many questions as you can and make sure you are accurate while answering the security questions.
  • It will take around three days for Google to investigate your case and let you create a new login password for Gmail.

In case you can’t recover Gmail account using “Google recovery form” then the only option you have is to contact Google support for help.

How to Fix Google Gmail Not Working or Stopped Working

Gmail has Stopped Working on iPhone

To Get Solutions to How to Fix Google Gmail not working or Gmail Stopped Working: If you are using Gmail from a long time then you must have faced Google Gmail not working or stopped working error at least once. Gmail has Stopped Working Although this error is quite common and very easy to get resolved sometimes it can result in big nuisance. If we talk about the reasons causing this error, Gmail has Stopped Working in Outlook we can say that there are many diverse factors that can result in this problem. Gmail Stopped Working on iPhone If you are a Gmail user and don’t know how to fix Google Gmail not working or Stopped Working issue Step by Step then this post is just for you. Here we will list down some major reasons behind this problem and the steps by which you can get rid of it.

Some Common Error on Gmail or Google mail with Solutions

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Why your Gmail not working or Stopped working?

As stated earlier, Gmail Not Working on Chrome there are many factors that can result in this particular error or issue. Some of the main factors or reasons are given below:

  • You might not be connected to the Internet.
  • Google Servers might be down in your area.
  • You are not using a compatible web browser to load Gmail.
  • Add–ons and extensions in your web browser blocking Gmail to load or work properly.
  • Too many cookies or caches in your browser memory blocking Gmail to load.
  • Antivirus or firewall settings of your PC causing hindrance in the proper workflow of Gmail.

You should note that apart from Gmail Not Loading in Chrome the above-mentioned reasons, there are many more possible factors that can result in Google Gmail not working or stopped working issue.

How to resolve Gmail stopped working or not working issue?

Whatever is the reason, Gmail Not Loading in Firefox  if your Gmail not responding or not working at all then you can fix it by following the steps given below.

  1. First of all, make sure that you are connected to a fast and smooth Internet connection.
  2. Check Google status to see if the Google server is working properly in your area or not.
  3. Make sure that you are using an updated version of a compatible browser to load Gmail. We recommend you to use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge only.

Note: Gmail Not Syncing with Outlook Any browser you use should have JavaScript and cookies turned on.  In case you use an incompatible browser then you will receive “This browser is not supported” error.

  1. Try to reload Gmail after disabling add-ons and extensions one by one. You should always restrict yourself from installing third party add-ons and extensions from unknown source.
  2. Try to load Gmail using your browser’s private browsing mode or incognito mode.
  3. Clear browser’s cache and cookies to load Gmail again.
  4. Temporarily disable the antivirus and windows firewall in your PC and check if the problem gets fixed or not.
  5. In case your Google Gmail not working or stopped working in Android App then you should reinstall the updated app.

If Gmail Not Responding on Mac all the solution mentioned above fails to resolve the issue then you should contact Google Gmail support for further assistance.

I have trouble to Sending Messages or Receiving emails in Gmail Account

I having trouble to Sending Messages or Receiving emails in Gmail AccountGmail is undoubtedly the most popular webmail service around the globe. my gmail isn’t receiving emails The reason behind this is its exemplary user interface and unmatched security. However, like Gmail not receiving emails 2020 any other webmail service, Gmail also has its own limitations. You are allowed to send only 500 emails daily through your Gmail account. Apart from the Gmail sending limits, there are many more reasons why the users have to face trouble to Sending Messages or Receiving emails in Gmail Account.

My Gmail Stops Receiving Emails?

If gmail not sending or receiving emails you are a Gmail customer having trouble to sending messages or receiving email in Gmail account then this article is just for you. Here, we will discuss the most convenient method to get rid of this problem Gmail Not Showing New Emails in Inbox.

Some Common Errors to sending or receiving Emails in Gmail

Here are some common problems that users have to deal with while sending or receiving Emails in Gmail and gmail can send but not receive.

  • Gmail sent messages delayed.
  • Gmail Error – Message Rejected
  • Email Bounced – Your Message Was Not Sent
  • Unable to receive Gmail messages.
  • Gmail messages not opening.
  • Gmail error code 8770
  • Parse Error: Illegal To address (invalid domain name)
  • Connection timed out
  • The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect
  • The recipient address does not exist
  • How do I reconfigure a Gmail Email Account that does not send/receive?
  • Gmail account not receiving emails
  • Why I am not getting emails?
  • Why is Gmail not sending emails?
  • Can t receive or send emails?
  • How do I fix email problems?

Apart from the errors and issues mentioned above there is much more trouble to Sending Messages or Receiving emails in Gmail Account that users have to face frequently.

How to Fix Gmail not Sending or Receiving Messages issues?

Before moving on to the solutions to fix particular problems, here are some generic steps that can help the users in fixing many Gmail problems gmail not receiving some emails.

  1. First of all, make sure you are connected to a fast and secure Internet connection.
  2. Make sure that you haven’t crossed the daily limit of maximum number of Emails.
  3. The internet browser you are using should be compatible with Gmail. For the best experience, you should opt for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or internet explorer.
  4. The browser you are using should be updated.
  5. Disable third-party add-ons and extensions from your browser.
  6. Run a deep antivirus scan in your PC to detect any possible virus or malware.

In case the problem continues even after following all the above mentioned steps then you should check the solutions of the problem specifically as given below:

Email Bounced – Your Message Was Not Sent

Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Problem In case you receive a bounced email from the email address i.e. with an error message such as “You have reached a limit for sending email, your message was not sent” then you are quite unfortunate because there is no solution for this problem. You have to wait till Google reset your Gmail sending limit for the day.

Why Gmail is not Sending my Email Messages You should note that you can also receive a bounced Email if you are trying to send too many emails to an email address that doesn’t exist. So, you should keep updating your Gmail contact and remove non-existent email address.

Gmail Error – Message Rejected

This error generally occurs when Gmail classifies the message you are sending as spam. Usually, this happens when you have spam text in the body of your Email messages. A large number of CC or BCC address in a Gmail message can also cause this error.

In case you are still having trouble to Sending Messages or Receiving emails in Gmail Account then you should contact Google support for further instructions.

How to Add a Professional Signature in Gmail

How to Add a Professional Signature in Gmail

To add your own signature, Gmail provide a facility of Gmail signature. This signature file or blog automatically incorporate at the end of messages. This signature block has been a formatted text, links or logos thing that you wish to add with your messages.

How to Create a Professional Signature in Gmail?

How to Create a Professional Signature in Gmail Gmail signature providing a platform to add your own formatted text, links or logos on the tail of your email, this play a vital to send email professionally to your client or other and having formatted text, links, logos.

How to Create a Professional Email Signature in Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail account, open Gmail
  • Open the Gmail settings go to Signature; it has by default no signature.
  • Type your signature
  • Add links to your signature
  • If you want to add different signature for different addresses
  • Choose insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove “-“ like that precedes it.

How to add images to your signature:

  • Add images from my drive, computer or web address (Url) whatever you prefer to do.
  • Select images
  • Adjust images to small-medium-large-original whatever you wish to do.
  • Click save the signature.

Note : If you want to include an image in your signature, the image will need to be available online so that it can be linked to. You cannot upload an image directly from your computer to Gmail to use in the signature

If you have any argue with Gmail signature, take a quick support of Gmail specialist online get the all possible way to get rid your problem and intelligently solve your problems.