Why Is Not Signing to Outlook, How to Make Microsoft Outlook Password Recovery With Phone Number

Can’t sign in to my outlook account is quite annoying for anyone. Because without sign in we can’t get the new emails that reached into my Outlook account or We can’t send email to anyone, In case If you don’t recover it then you lost all your outlook data for forever. But it happens if a user is technically weak. While Outlook password recovery process is very simple, With the help of GUI we can reset our Outlook account without help of anyone.

Why Can’t Sign in to My Outlook Account:

If you do mistakes in Outlook username or password or Both then Microsoft doesn’t permit you to get access your Outlook account even for user benefit Microsoft Outlook throw error messages that having your account and password is incorrect, If you don’t remember your password reset it now. So user have an option to reenter the correct password or reset their Outlook password.

How to Do Outlook Password Recovery:

In a Outlook user may do recovery for basic three reason. If a user having troubles in sign in then they can go with any option and get reset their Outlook account once again. These  option help user to cure their login issues so they continue sign in and use  their Outlook account. These options are:

  • I Don’t Know my password
  • I know my password but can’t sign in
  • I think someone is using My outlook account

Mostly people go with I don’t know my password if they don’t know their password or forgot their password. In this procedure user get reset their account once again with just verifies their identity that can be done through your phone number.

  • Choose Option I don’t know my password.
  • Now enter phone number
  • Choose Text or phone call to receive security code.
  • Enter code on provided box.
  • If you have successfully do identity verification then you get a new option to create password.
  • Now simply create a new password for your outlook account.
  • And finish reset process.

IF you have other kind of issues such as I know my password but can’t sign in or I think someone is using my Outlook account then you can do then you can go with other recovery option and you can easily do recovery and reset after verify your identity. After creating your new outlook password you can get sign in to your Microsoft outlook account. You can also obtain outlook password reset help through any outlook customer care support phone number. Just dial the Outlook phone number get the live support and solution for all kind of outlook problem quickly.

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