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How to Fix Computer Screen Black and White Windows 10

Computer Black Screen on Startup Windows 10 As we know computer makes our work easy But some time user faces troubles in their computer, it could be hardware, software or others. Facing black screen of death is one of the most common issues in computer. Windows Black Screen After Login Windows 7 If a user having troubles related Computer screen black then there are no need to get worry. It can be troubleshoot with provided tips or tricks . computer screen black and white So just take a guidelines here that provide such a wonderful way to get resolve my computer screen goes black.

Why Black screen of death:

Black screen of death is one of common problem that may arises in any Pc/ Laptop. computer black screen on startup windows 10 It is mostly arises due to various reasons that specified by the Microsoft. This reasons are :

  • No security update
  • Malware infected in your computer.
  • Certain component of a computer overheating.
  • Corrupted graphic card driver

How to Fix Computer Black Screen on Startup Windows 10?

How to Fix Computer Black Screen on Startup Windows 10 In a Pc/ computer black screen of death is very common problem. As we know it occur due to above reasons so solution of computer screen black death error depend on these things. windows black screen with cursor after login Below there are some steps that may resolve your problem in few seconds. So just take a look to the solution and get troubleshoot Black screen of death error if occur.

Boot Your computer with last  good  configuration 

How to Fix a Black Screen in Windows 10 If you are getting Black screen error on your computer then you can reboot your computer with the last good configuration  as a primary steps and get resolve this issues in few seconds.

Uninstall Windows security updates:

How to Fix a Black Screen of Death Error in Windows 10 Getting  Black screen error on computer may occur due to windows security updates. This is one of the major culprit for Black screen error. so to get resolve Screen is blank just uninstall the windows security updates and get resolve the Black screen error in few seconds.

Scan your Computer with Antivirus to Remove Malware:

How to Fix a Black Screen After Updating Windows 10 As mentions above malware is also culprit of black screen error. So if we found Black screen of death error in our computer then we can use antivirus scan for quick and full scan your computer and remove malware from our computer. It will helpful in resolve error.

Reinstall graphic card of your computer :

 If our computer graphic card is not properly work or corrupted then reinstall the graphic card on your computer and get troubleshoot such kind of black screen of death error in few seconds.

Use Windows Recovery Options to Restore Your Computer:

 Microsoft provide such a wonderful windows recovery option to get restore your computer on previous date when your computer was running excellent and remove all any technical glitches or black screen of death error in few seconds.

If you unable to fix your problems then you can take help of remote support assistance of Pc support and get the live support and solution for your problems.

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