What Are The Reset Steps Available in Gmail To Do Password Recovery

We all know Gmail provide user sign in on behalf of their username and password that he/she own after creating their Gmail account. So to get sign in to Our Gmail account we have to enter our username and password into Gmail sign in page then we get login to our Gmail account. In case of user having troubles in Gmail sign in or don’t know the password or any other sign in troubles then they have an option to get reset their Gmail account by using Gmail password recovery procedure and obtain a new sign in password for our Gmail account and continue sign in to our Gmail account.

What Are The Reset Steps Available in Gmail To Do Password Recovery

Having troubles in Gmail sign in is very common problem in Gmail and it can be easily resolve by available Gmail password recovery that given on sign in page. We can perform recovery with various ways. These are :

  1. Via last remembered password.
  2. Via registered mobile number’
  3. Via alternate email address.
  4. Via security question answer.
  5. If nothing available then we can use identify your identity.

How to do Gmail password recovery:

  • Open Gmail on your computer and go to the sign In page.
  • Enter your email address on username filed.
  • Click on forgot password.
  • Now you can get reset your password with last password.
  • Enter your last remembered password on provided filed and continue sign in.
  • If you don’t remember your last password then try with another question and go with the phone verification.
  • Choose text message or phone call to receive verification code on your phone.
  • Enter verification code on provided box and verify code.
  • If enter code is ok then you get a new box of creating new password.
  • So simply create a new strong password.
  • Finish the steps.
  • If you don’t have phone number too then you can also go with alternate email address or identify your identity
  • And perform the recovery.

If you have any troubles related Gmail password recovery then you can take the help of Gmail help desk forum where you can put your arising problem on it and get the expert solution for that issues But if you want to immediate support then you can use third party Gmail customer service contact number and get the instant remedy for your problem.


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