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User Facing Top 10 Annoying Issues of Google Chrome and How to Solve Them?

We all know internet is an easiest and fastest way to get connected with outside world, today most of people taking benefits of internet and its user increases from metropolitan to rural area but to get access web pages there is always a need of web browser and Google chrome is one of the most popular and fastest web browser over internet. Most of people taking benefits of Google chrome so there are large number of user issues arises for Google chrome and it needs to troubleshoot immediately.

Get Here 10 Annoying Issues of Google chrome and it needs instant rectification for effective use:

1: Troubles in Google Chrome Installation:

Today most of searches done through Google chrome, so new user attract toward Google chrome and they needs to install Google chrome to their computer, phones, etc. But having troubles in installation, it can be occur due to lack of available spaces, chrome blocked by antivirus or a program currently running on your computer or phones.

2: Fix chrome update or failed chrome updates

 If you are having troubles in Google chrome update or Google chrome update failed or Google chrome not connecting to the updating server, then open Google chrome and click to more, Click update Google chrome, if you don’t see this button it means you are using latest version so finally Prelaunch the Google chrome.

3: Block annoying data request:

There are various website that annoying you by pesky prompt. It can also track your location and push to notification. If you having troubles or don’t wanna use this sites or block annoying data request you can Go to the chrome settings and  in location check “ask when a site try to track your physical location” and “ask when a site show notification is recommended.”

4: Add,Remove and Update Google chrome extension:

In a Google chrome there are various plug ins or extension that makes easy to search a specific page that not seen by the regular search. This add ons can be enabled, disable or update at any time. if you want to add extension or plugin for Google chrome. Just go to Google chrome web store and search the extension and installed to Google chrome. If you wish to remove extension just click three dot settings and go to extension there are an option for disable and update extension. So if you disable an extension just disable it or if you wish the update extension just clicks update extension.

5: Google chrome privacy and security:

In a Google chrome, for all web browsing a history and cookies maintain, this is good but this also leads to track your information. If you don’t wanna store or need privacy and security of your Google chrome account. just remove history and cookies of your browser. To remove all the history and cookies just go to Google chrome privacy and security and delete all information or you can also use Ctrl +Shift+ Del    to remove all things

6: Remove Saved Password:

Keeping your password saved is a risky job. If you are sharing your computer with other people or by mistaken you saved your password on sharing computer then any one can access your account and your account may hack. Google chrome provide to removed saved password  through chrome settings and you can easily removed all saved password. To delete saved password Go to the Google chrome advance settings, now find password and forms and click manage password and remove password or off auto sign in.

7: Disable Pop ups ads:

Showing pop ups on open web page is very annoying and irritating, it slow down your browsing performance and also a good source of  malicious items entry. So safe and better browsing performance it needs to disable quickly. If you are facing pop ups problem just disable the pop ups through Google chrome settings. To disable go to the advance settings and go to pop ups and disable pop ups.

 8: Stop Auto play video in Google chrome:

if a web page have video, it automatically start playing. Google chrome doesn’t provide an option to stop auto play videos by default. It also slow down web browsing. But it can be disable manually. To disable auto playing video in chrome go to the flash settings on Google chrome advance settings and block site that running flash.

9: Kill the Tab That Kill your pc:

In a Google chrome there are tabbed features so you can add another tab to open another pages but if a open tab is unresponsive and killing then you can kill the tab through using task manager.  You can open task manager and end the process of that tab. To open task manager click Ctrl+Alt+Del  and end the process that killing your computer performance.

10: Clean up your Mess :

If you are facing troubles in Google chrome then you can use chrome clean up tool. This application scan and remove all software that causes Google chrome crashes, unusual startup pages or tool bar, unexpected ads.

If nothing works, it might be time to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it again. Sometimes, the best way to fix software annoyances is to nuke everything and start from scratch.

For any troubles just contact Google chrome customer service specialist and get solution of all of your chrome issues immediately.


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