Top 10 Awesome Features and Advantages of Outlook Mail Account

Microsoft Corporation launched outlook email services with Microsoft office suit to smartly enforce personal and corporate needs of mail user. This is second largest, about 400 millions of active member reached to outlook. It is absolutely free and carrying first choice for email services for professional use. It is also named as personal information manager and often used for email services and also include calendar, task manager, contact manager, note asking, journal, web browsing. It can also use as stand alone or work with Microsoft exchange server or Microsoft share point to share mailbox and calendar with multiple user.

Various advantages of using outlook.com:

Add multiple accounts:

In a outlook, there are facility to open another outlook account without logout existing account. it has a biggest advantages to keep login another email account without existing open account or changing the browser.


Outlook provide a strongest security features to control illegal access and protection from junk and phishing attack.

Outlook Search:

Microsoft Outlook provides an integrated search function that makes easy to reach to all of your important email through using various keyword to find email, contacts, dates.

Outlook Calendar:

Outlook provide an online calendar to smartly schedule meeting in a convenience way. You can easily create, edit and manage calendar and you can also share subscriptions and contact information.

Contact Management:

Outlook contact management improves the relationship with customer service, sales, and marketing efforts. It store and organize contact information in a business records and company they work for in account records.

Task Manager and To Do :

Many people keep a list of thing to do, on paper, a spreadsheet, a combination of paper and electronic method. In Outlook, you can combine your various lists into one list and enhanced with reminder and tracking.

Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server play together:

Outlook work well with Microsoft exchange server that enforce faster email services and accompanying  client software, a set of powerful tools designed to allow business to collaborate and unify communication in their offices across multiple devices.

Outlook Play Well with SharePoint:

Microsoft outlook play well with Microsoft share point that enforces sharing mailbox and calendar with multiple users.

Outlook integrates with many devices and application:

If you want to access outlook to your own phone then you do it. Outlook integrate with many devices and application so you can keep login 24X7 to your mail account and get all of your important mail immediately just it reaching to your mailbox.

Outlook Makes Easy to Organize your Email:

In outlook there are various function and rule that help user to easily arrange your emails, store your email to specific folder, optimum step to sort and reach to your email, create a rule for automatic insertion and deletion of incoming emails.


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