Gmail Issues and its Solutions

is Gmail Down Today 2020 Gmail is extremely impressive, amazing and absolutely free web mail over internet.  Gmail Problems Receiving Emails 2020 In mailing services it has a large number of active user than other mail account and carry maximum personal account of user. For a new email account, Gmail Not Receiving Emails 2020 it is the first choice of web mail and user sign up their first account with Gmail.

is Gmail Down Today 2020?

Gmail Not Working on Android Once a user sign up with Gmail they can take all the advantages provided by Google and Gmail user interface is very simple so any one can operate Gmail by reading the instruction. gmail account problems Today Gmail now more than one billion of active user. Gmail Not Working on iPhone Due  to its large number of user there is always a user queries, Gmail Not Updating Here are top 10 annoying features of Gmail and user need instant rectification for that.

Top 10 User Facing Issues of Gmail and its solution:

1: Unable to setup Gmail on iphone, Ipad, Android :

Setup Gmail on your phone give you a 24/7 connectivity to your Gmail account. you can use your iphone, ipad, android phones to instant get notification of new email and you don’t need to rush to your computer. gmail not receiving emails from outlook Gmail supported all devices and user easily setup Gmail account on iphone  and other in few seconds just using provided application.

2: Unable to open Gmail account, Gmail Password Recovery:

There may be various causes that reason for not login to your Gmail account, it may be possible you entered wrong username and password, forgot Gmail password or your Gmail account has been compromised. gmail not working in chrome This all problem easily short out by using provided Gmail password recovery methods and within a few seconds user gets login to their Gmail account once again.

3: Gmail password change:

Changing your password periodically help bad Guys out. gmail not showing new emails Gmail have a simple procedure to get reset your Gmail account with new password. To make a new password user have to go Gmail settings and click account and import and finally click on change password.

4:Compose Email with Attachment and Download receiving Attachments:

With your email you can sent  a word, excel, images or multimedia files through upload and attach files and other end you can download all receiving attachments, it is a piece of cake to upload and download attachments in Gmail. To download attachment just open the email and click on download attachments.

5: Recover deleted messages in Gmail:

If unfortunately your mail gets deleted in Gmail. it temporary store in trash folder and user have 30 days time period to restore  deleted email in Gmail so go to the trash folder and restore your email once again to their inbox otherwise mail permanently deleted from your Gmail account gmail not syncing in android.

6: Getting Spam in Gmail Account:

Getting spam messages might leads to your Gmail account compromised. gmail not showing old emails So it’s very necessary to stop spam emails in Gmail and don’t click any link provided in spam emails  and block and report spam messages.

7: Block Unwanted Email id in Gmail:

If someone sending you email that is none of your business or its promotional or news letter then you can simply block that user by open the email and click the link to unsubscribe. Gmail also provide filter a very simple process to block unwanted email id from Gmail account even you can also report the user.

8: Two step verification enable or disabled:

Two step verification secure you Gmail account by phone verification. If user enabled it, it ask 6 digit verification code to get sign in that is imposing to hacker to get.  Its also very simple procedure to enable two step verification in your Gmail account, to enable it go to my account and click sign in and security and finally click on two step verification to turn on.

9: Backup and Restore Gmail messages:

To future prospects of login issues you can make backup of your Gmail account and restore it when ever needed it. So time to time backup of your Gmail account help user to minimize their losses. To make backup you can simply archive your messages to zip folder and download it.

10: Reactivate Disabled or Suspended Gmail Account:

The main reason of Gmail account suspended is not following the Google term and policy. In case your Gmail account has been suspended but you are not violet the Google term and policy then gmail not showing notification you can submit the request form to reopen your Gmail account. Gmail provide two week after account suspend to reactivate disabled Gmail account.

For more support and solution just contact Gmail customer service specialist and get solution of your entire problem quickly.

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