How to Sort or Arrange Emails in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla thunderbird is the one of the top email client over internet that provides the advance features to user so its user do email conversation in attractive way. The basic need of using email services is to interact and communicate with any person. So there are the large number of messages arrived in Mozilla thunderbird so some time its becomes very difficult to reach to any important messages.

How to Sort Emails in Mozilla Thunderbird?

How to Sort Emails in Mozilla Thunderbird So there are very necessary to use some sorting algorithm that makes easy to reach and view our important messages in Mozilla thunderbird. In a Mozilla thunderbird there is various sorting option that makes well organized and view your messages.

Change Thunderbird’s Email Folder Sort Order?

Mozilla Thunderbird has various option to sort our emails in organized way. It can be sort by date, received, star, ordered received, priority, from, recipient, correspondents. So to get organized by these things just do below option.

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird account.
  • Login with your username and password.
  • Now go to the view and click sort by
  • Choose  one of them date, received, star, ordered received, priority, from, recipient, correspondents.
  • Now you view the messages in organized way.

What is the sorting option used in Mozilla Thunderbird:

Date : help user to sort your messages by date in ascending or descending way so you can get your earliest or oldest post on top.

Received – It helps user to view the messages that you have received. This exclude the messages you have sent.

Star- This helps user to show all the messages in thunderbird that you have started.

Order Received: Shows all your email in the order it arrived.

Priority: In a thunderbird the priority option help user to show the messages have highest priority at top and lowest priority on bottom.

From: Shows the messages grouped from a particular sender. First come recipients who start with a number and then the rest of the list are sorted alphabetically.

Recipient:  Help user to sorts your email recipient alphabetically.

Size:  help user to sorts your emails according to their size. The biggest emails go to the top, and the smaller ones to the bottom.

Status: Groups your e-mails by, Read, Unread or Starred.

Subject: Filters the messages , alphabetically  according to the subject of the e-mail.

Read: Separates/sorts your read e-mails at the top or the bottom.

Tag: Filters and sorts your e-mail by tags.

Junk status: Filters and sorts your e-mails by whether they’re marked as junk mail.

Attachments: Outputs the e-mail that contains an attachment.

How to Use Sort Messages in Mozilla Thunderbird

If you have any difficulties or need a free consult for Mozilla Thunderbird sorting options then just contact Mozilla Thunderbird customer support toll free number and get the instant remedy and troubleshooting of your problem so you can smoothly access Mozilla Thunderbird email services.

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