1-(833-410-5666) SMTP and POP Configuration of Gmail, Take Step by Step Guidelines How to Do Smtp an Pop in Gmail


There are two protocols which totally taking care your all email flow i.e. SMTP and POP. First the SMTP is abbreviated as (simple mail transfer protocol) which is basically used when email is delivered from an email client to an email server. On another hand the POP is abbreviated as (post office protocol) which allows an email client to download an email from an email server.

These two protocols are required to send and receive the mail in a convenient way. Users need this Gmail SMTP and POP server settings if they want to send email from their Gmail account through any email software program. In this post you will basically find the SMTP and POP configuration process in Gmail.

How do I configure the SMTP and POP in Gmail?

  1. First select the most appropriate web browser for your Gmail account such as: internet explorer, Google chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  2. Then go to login page of Gmail and enter the email address and password then hit the sign in button.
  3. Once you entered here, go to setting icon which is located at top right side of our Gmail account. Now search for setting option and click on that.
  4. Then click on account tab and search for “add a POP3 mail account you own” which is just next to “check mail from other account” once you get that just click it.
  5. Here you have to enter your domain email address and hit the next step.
  6. After that enter the POP3 information for your domain email address and click on add account option.
  7. Once you complete this you will see a message which intimates you “your mail account has been added” now you can set email to send as well.
  8. Make sure if you want to send through Gmail then immediately click on yes option and hit the next step.
  9. After that, here you have to enter your name and click on next button.
  10. Then you have to fill in your SMTP server i.e. “domain.com” full email address, password and click on add account option.
  11. Finally the Gmail emails you a verification code in the email address which you just added. After that check it and enter the code in the text and click on the verify option.

Great! Here you configure your SMTP and POP configuration in Gmail


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