How to Recovery and Reset Gmail Password, if you don’t answer Gmail Security Question?

Reset Gmail Password In a Gmail its very simple to recover forgotten Gmail password. Google provide a simple procedure to recover lost or forgot password in a few seconds by using old remembered password, phone number, recovery email address, security question answer, etc. user have atleat one of them on the time of recovery.

So if you don’t answer Gmail security question then you can go with other recover options but if you have nothing to recover then simply use Gmail password recovery form to identify your identity and get the Gmail password reset link on your conversation mail id.

How to recovery and reset Gmail password, if you don’t answer Gmail security question

If you don’t remember answer your Gmail security question then use alternate email id or phone number on Gmail password recovery page and easily setup a new strong password for your Gmail email account.

Use Alternate Email in a Gmail Password Recovery Page:

  1. Go to the Gmail password recovery page
  2. Enter the username for which you want to do account recovery
  3. Click to next to confirm access to my recovery email.
  4. Click continues to send an email to your alternate email id. This email has instruction about how to reset your Gmail password.

Use Phone Number That Linked With Your Gmail Account:

  1. Go to the Gmail password recovery page
  2. Enter the user name for that you want to do recovery and click submit
  3. Click to get a verification code on my phone, choose text or phone call
  4. Enter the 6 digit verification code on provided box. If its ok a new box for create new password is open
  5. Now give a new password for your Gmail account and confirm it
  6. Finish steps

If you have any troubles how to recovery my Gmail account. just contact to Gmail professionals for quick rectification and remedy.


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