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Today over internet a new email is rapidly showing their presents, this email is nothing but Mozilla Thunderbird Corporation. It is absolutely free, open source and desktop based application that provide you various facilities such as email, newsgroup, news feed, chat.

As we know it is new in email client but it becomes one of the powerful and interactive email account of this time most of internet user go through Mozilla thunderbird so most of people facing troubles in thunderbird account and unable to fix it.

Quick Rectification Top 5 Common Problem of Thunderbird by Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Service

There are various issues faced by the Mozilla thunderbird user but due to lack of knowledge and thunderbird troubleshooting is little bit tricky so user unable to fix it. Below there are some thunderbird issues with solution. Get the best remedy of Mozilla thunderbird technical issues quickly here.

Mozilla Thunderbird configuration problems:

If someone interested to get configure the Mozilla thunderbird then they must have first register their account on any email service provider of your choice than simply download thunderbird on your desktop and just give the name for your thunderbird account and  search your username and finish the setup procedure. Your account is automatically setup and after finishing the steps you can easily get login to your Mozilla thunderbird account.

Thunderbird sign in not working:

Are you unable to reach to your thunderbird inbox, it means you have lost your password or you have changed your master password it means if you have changed your email service provider then launch your Mozilla thunderbird settings and also change the password here also. Now you can get sign in to your Mozilla thunderbird account.

Mozilla Thunderbird Password Recovery : 

If you lost or forgot your password then you can get your lost password password through Mozilla thunderbird tools – >option->security->password tab and click on show password now you can easily get mailbox username and password.

Unable to Send Emails by Thunderbird :

If you are getting troubles in email sending in Mozilla thunderbird then it must be a inappropriate thunderbird settings or blocked port 25 by isp so you must have to verify these two settings. If all is ok then you won’t get any troubles in email sending.

Cannot receive any messages in Thunderbird:

If you are getting troubles in mail receiving in thunderbird account check whether your account is correctly configured or not and check the settings of Mozilla thunderbird.

Cannot deleted emails in Mozilla Thunderbird:

The main reason of can’t delete any messages in Mozilla thunderbird is trash folder could be corrupt. To get resolve these problem just go to file manager and select trash and msf files and erase it and restart Thunderbird again.

If you need more help for Mozilla thunderbird account just contact to Mozilla thunderbird customer service technical specialist and get live support and solution of your problems easily.





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