(1)833-295-1999 What to Do IF Computer Won’t Start PC Power Button is Not Working Why It is Not Turning On


Invention of computer makes revolutionary change in a global world. We started doing our offices and home work in a fraction of seconds. Taking the benefits of internet to get connected with digital world, In case if we faces troubles in open our computer. We won’t start our computer

We can’t think life without computer. In our every work we uses computer, from our home work to offices work , bank atm to super market, movie theater to restaurant, each and every places we mostly uses computer. In case we are getting troubles in our Pc, we won’t open our computer then this is very annoying situation for every person. We can live without pizza but we can’t leave with computer.

If we have facing troubles in our computer turning on, it doesn’t mean we have some hardware failure. It can be software too. even there are also an situation where computer power button is turn on but computer showing black screen or windows won’t boot in our computer. This all problem can be resolve with our smart guidance. We must aware about why computer is not turning on, how do I fix my computer That won’t start. What to do If our computer is turn on or boot up. Lets see some technical solution to prevent computer doesn’t turning on.

1-888-361-3731 What to Do IF Computer Won’t Start PC Power Button is Not Working  Why It is Not Turning On

If Computer Power button is not working:

Check whether your CPU is plug in and power cable is on or not. If there are no power cable is on then this is reason of won’t open your computer.

If your cpu power cable is on but we can get power while pressing the power button then it means there are some hardware failure in power supply device or mother board.

If computer power on but still getting issues on computer start:

If computer power on but still getting problem in start computer, we won’t open our computer or computer doesn’t boot or showing black screen it also means there are Bios issues. you windows has been corrupted. So just repair your computer with the bios settings and start your computer in safe mood. If you still problem in your desktop open then you  have to immediately consult with the computer technician who help you to resolve your problem.

You can also contact Pc support service technician through landline or phone just making a free call on Pc customer care support phone number and get the instant troubleshooting for the computer won’ start, Windows doesn’t boot up or having the screen is blank and all other problem of your computer. Just contact Pc customer service phone number and forgot your all worries.


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