Outlook Password Reset, Complete Steps to Get Reset Forgotten or Lost Outlook Account

Microsoft provides different email services as Outlook, Hotmail, MSN and Skype, but Outlook is more famous among users. Now days, many uses is using more than one email accounts and forget the passwords. So, it is necessary that there should be other way to login the account. That’s why Outlook provides password reset technique by which you can reset your Hotmail password and login the account again.

If you have forgotten the password, you can reset the Outlook account password by using steps.  We are providing steps to reset the password of your account. You can reset it by applying following steps sequentially.

Step1.  Navigate on the Outlook account home page by using the URL address-

Step2. Write your email address in the text box. Click on the <Next> button.

Step3. Click on the <Forgotten my password> link shown in the above figure. It will help you to reset the password.

It will redirect you on the new window where you have to choose any one which is most suitable for you                            

Step4. Choose first <I’ve forgotten my password>.Click on the <Next> button,

Step5. Enter your recover email account, it will send a code on your email. Enter the Text shown in the picture to verify you are human being not a robot.

Click on the <Next> button for further process.

Step6. Open your recovery mail account; you will get a mail, which contain password reset code. Copy it, highlighted in red rectangular box in picture.

Step7. Use this code for verify your identity. You can paste it in the suitable text box, after that click on the <Next> button. You will get a new window of reset password.

Step8. You can reset your password now. Create a new strong password and confirm it by again tying.  

Click on the <Next> button.

Outlook Help center-

Now you can change your Outlook password, if there is any need for further help you can contact with the Outlook customer help center.You can also send mail and ask any problem, if you are facing in following steps. They will send you all the reliable information, which will helpful to you.


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