How to Add or Configure New Email on IncrediMail Account

IncrediMail Help Center: In 1999 incredimail one new email company founded by two cousin yaron and adler and it becomes the one of the finest email account in these days. The best thing about incredimail is its provide interactive email services, very safe and it can be easily access on our desktop and phone too. How to configure an email account in IncrediMail Today it has a large number of incredimail users who taking the benefits of incredimail email services. If some one not register with incredimail yet then they can simply register with incredimail account by downloading, install and configure incredimail on your computer or phone and add your account easily on incredimail.

How to Setup Email on incredimail?

If you won’t have incredimail account yet and you are keen interested to obtain a new incredimail account on your computer then you must have to register with any email service provider, since incredimail is not email service provider. So go to the any email service provider of your choice and first register with the email service provider then download and install incredimail on your computer or device and configure your account with your master password. Below there are all steps showing how to add a new account in incredimail so take the below guidelines while you have to go to the new account setup on incredimail.

How do I configure my Gmail email account in IncrediMail?

  • Register with any email services provider first.
  • Download install incredimail on your device.
  • Launch incredimail application go to tool and select accounts.
  • Now click add a new email account.
  • Now you can configure your account automatically or manually.
  • If you have select automatically configure settings then just click next and finish the steps.
  • If you have selected the manual configuration the email account, it ask your name your email address.
  • Then click next, skip online search of your server settings.
  • Select incoming and outgoing server pop or imap and click next.
  • Enter your email username and password.
  • Now click finish the steps.

How to configure an email account in IncrediMail?

If you have any troubles related incredimail just contact incredimail customer service phone number to get connected with top incredimail specialist and get the quick support and solution for your add new account configuration and take the benefits of new incredimail email services.

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