(1)833-295-1999 How Do I Import or Copy Saved Gmail Contacts to My New I phone?


We all know importance of contacts details. We all have some important contacts.  By Any reason we don’t wanna lose it. if we lost it, it’s become little tough and lengthy to get recover it. There is also no guaranteed to get recover all our lost contacts.

To overcome this problem Gmail contacts are best suitable place to store our phone contacts.  The main benefits of keeping our all contacts to Gmail is its available online so there are no fear of lost our contacts with phone lost or stolen. All contacts once again import or copy to your new phone.

These day iphone is very popular phone, most of people keeping iphone. If you have new iphone and want to get all your contacts or import saved contacts from Gmail account then you can easily do it. Gmail have a simple procedure to import or copy saved Gmail contacts to your any phone. Below there are all steps that makes easy to import contacts from Gmail to your iphone.

How do I import my saved Gmail contacts to my iphone :

If you have previously saved your phone contacts to your Gmail account then you can import all saved contacts easily to your iphone.  There are two way to import contacts : first adding your Gmail account to contacts and another is Enabling contacts for an existing Gmail account. so you can use both option to easily  import Gmail contacts to iphone :

Import Gmail contacts through Adding your Gmail account to contacts:

  • Go to your iphone settings
  • Scroll down and tap contacts
  • Now tap accounts
  • Tap add account
  • Tap Google from provided option
  • Now enter username and password of your Gmail account from you wants to import contacts.
  • Slide the contact button to turn on
  • Tap save.

Import Gmail contacts through enabling contacts for an Existing Gmail account :

  • Open your iphone settings
  • Scroll down and go to contacts
  • Tap accounts
  • Tap to Gmail account
  • Slide the contacts button to the on position.

These steps are very simple so you can easily import Gmail contacts to iphone but if you have any troubles and need a suggestion or solution of live technician just contact Gmail phone number and get the instant support for your existing issues.


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