(1)833-295-1999 How to Sync Hotmail Email Account On Our Iphone Quick Steps?


Its quite beneficial to sync our smartphone with our favourite web mail account so we can get the quick notification on our phone when the messages arrived to our web mail. It is the very easiest way to reach to our important messages. Once we successfully configured our account on our phone then we don’t need to open our computer and login to our email account. If our phone is connected with the internet it gets the all the email notification of the messages that arrived on our phone.

Most of people uses iphone to configure their email account with phones. But iphone have different functionality than other so many user having troubles in their account configuration. We can configure our iphone to sync with our Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or any other account. If we are having troubles in configure hotmail to our iphone then we can take the below guidelines. It will help the user to sync our Hotmail account on our iPhone.

How to Sync Hotmail Account on Your Iphone.

Have you got troubles in sync your iphone with the hotmail account. If yes then don’t be bother for that we provide the simple and best way to configure your hotmail account to your iphone. If you carefully follow this steps then you can easily sync your phones with the hotmail account. Below there are all steps:

  • Tap setting on your iphone.
  • Tap to Mail
  • Tap account
  • Now tap to add account and  enter your hotmail email address and
  • again tap to next.
  • Now provide your password then tap to the sign in.
  • Now enable all your settings on configured email account.

For Any Troubles Contact to Hotmail Customer Service :

It is quite simple steps to configure hotmail in your iPhone but if you are unable to do that or carrying some technical issues in Hotmail sync then you can take the help of Microsoft help desk forum to get the expert solution. You can share your problem in forum that you are facing in and you will get the many reply of the various experts. But If you want to quick connect to the Hotmail technical support members then just contact to Hotmail customer service provided number and get the immediate support for your arising issues like Reset Hotmail Password.


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