How to Stop, Block or Report Spam Emails That Arrived in My Gmail Account Quick Support

In Gmail there is a feature of spam filter. If an email having spam keyword on it or some unrecognized user or something irrelevant email to you, it automatically diverted to spam folder. This is separate folder for spam emails that contains spam emails If you found new mails in spam folder, and this is none of your business  or something look irrelevant to your  don’t open this and click any link unfortunately you accidently click the spam link it can lead to a virus infection and identity theft.

How to Stop, Block or Report Spam Emails That Arrived in My Gmail Account Quick Support:

In a Gmail inbox we receive lots of messages this might be caught as spam. we can also take action on it and report the spam messages. In a gmail if a messages received and identify as spam email then it kept in separate spam folder and we can also report the messages. Below there are some guidelines that can be apply while we gets spam emails.

Identify spam:

  • If you get email from unrecognized sender and it showing some lottery and it contain you won  Please confirm the receipt. Never click the link, this is spam, read all messages carefully and immediately remove it.
  • Malware and viruses often attached with emails so don’t download attachment from any unrecognized sender.

Prevent spam:

  • Never use your username and email same.
  • Never give your email address online
  • Never respond to email
  • Avoid clicking link
  • Use disposable email addresses to identify and shake off sources of spam.

Block and report spam:

  • Open spam email
  • Check email
  • Click on report email

If you have any argue related spam email immediately contact  Gmail proficient  technician, immediately get online solution for all spam related issues about how to prevent spam emails and stop spam and many more.

Stop unwanted emails in Gmail click how can i block unwanted email id in Gmail account

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