How to Recover My Gmail Account IF It is Hacked/Compromised?

Gmail have huge advantages in email services so most of people give first preference to Gmail when they have to create a new email account. Today Gmail have a large of active email user and almost all users make their personal account on Gmail and carry their all important stuff into it. So with the increasing the users there are also increasing the hackers who try to find to reach to your inbox. They might your beloved, your friend, your family members, your enemy anyone So its becomes very challenging job to keep our Gmail account safe & secure with these kind of guys. They could reach to confidential data, read your chat messages, blackmail you, monetary harm you whatever they want to do with your account and makes your situation worse to worst.

How to Find My Account Has Been Compromised:

It Is quite simple to find out Gmail is hacked. If we have doubt of  our Gmail account is compromised by  someone then we have simply open our Gmail account and just go to the last account activity details option it is given on just below our inbox messages. Then we easily find out recent activity on our account. If we found any unrecognized ip on our account then it means our Gmail account is compromised. We can also sign out all other web session and to protect our Gmail account immediately change your Gmail password.

What to Do IF Our Gmail Email Account Is Compromised.

If you found your Gmail account is compromised by someone then immediately change your email password and don’t share your password with anyone. If you can’t sign in to your account then just use Gmail password recovery to reset your password again.

What to Do IF My Gmail Account is Compromised and Hackers changed Your Phone Number, Email Address, Almost All Recovery Option:

It is quite easy to recover and reset our Gmail account through Gmail password recovery options. If hackers changed your phone number, alternate email address, security question answer etc. then it is little difficult to get reset our Gmail account but we can do it through identify your identity and give the answer of some questions asked by Google. Once you perform this you can get an option to create new password.

How to Do Gmail Password Recovery If  My Account is Hacked/Compromised :

If your Gmail account is compromised and your recovery option has been changed by hacker then simply perform identify your identity and give the answer of some account related questions. If you don’t know answer of any questions then simply give your guess but don’t skip the answer. Once it is verified by Google and they found you are actual account holder then they provide you’re an option to create a new password on your provided email address or new email address. Here are all steps :

How to Identify Your Gmail Identity :

  • Open Gmail official webpage on your computer
  • Enter your email address.
  • Go to the forgot password
  • Choose try with another question.
  • Skip phone and email verification if you don’t have.
  • Choose identify your identity.
  • Answer the some question, If you don’t know the answer then don’t skip give the guess.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Finish the steps.
  • If you are successfully proved your identity then Google contact your on your provided email address.
  • Just click on click that Google sent to you.
  • Create a new password for your account and confirm it again.
  • Finish the recovery steps.

If you have any difficulties on it then you can take the help of Gmail helpdesk forum and enter your issues on ask the questions. You will get various reply on some time. If you want to immediately contact to Gmail expert just call on Gmail phone number and get instant solution of your problem.

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