How to Enable/Disable Google Two 2-Step Verification or Authentication Provided For Gmail Sign In Security Best Tips?


2 step verification or two factor authentication is an extra security layer provided to protect Gmail user by illegal access. It permit Gmail access afterward user enter 6 digit verification code, a text messages that carry 6 digit verification code sent to the actual account holder mobile phone number that is impossible to get by hackers, Once user enter this code, Google verify this code, if you have entered correct code Google confirm your access and Gmail proceed to open.

What are Benefits of Using 2 step verification in Gmail Account :

Today it’s easier to steal someone one password, it can be possible if you are using same password for many sites, downloading software that crack your password, and many  other way, Once hackers enter into your account they can do anything with your Gmail account like they could change your password, delete your important messages, contacts and files, send unwanted messages to your contacts, blah blah blah. We can’t stop them. but thanks to Gmail providing 2 step verification, an extra security layer to Gmail by which we can protect illegal access just enable 2 step verification for my account, so when Google found Gmail access by an unrecognized device, it ask  6 digit verification code that send to actual user phone number that is impossible to get by hackers, so Google does not allow Gmail to open on that device so your account remain safe, secured and protected.

How to Enable/Disable Google Two 2 -Step Verification or Authentication Provided For Gmail Sign In Security Best Tips:

  • Go to Gmail official page
  • Log in to your Gmail account
  • Open my account
  • Go to sign in & security
  • Go to password & sign in method, given to right side
  • 2 step verification is turn off, click the arrow
  • Get started protect your account with 2-Step verification
  • Enter your mobile phone number that you want to add with your Gmail account
  • Choose text or phone call to get verification code
  • Enter the code
  • Click turn on

Now 2 step verification is successfully turn on and it is ready to protect bad guys by just adding  an extra layer of security. If you got any troubles in enable two factor authentication, just contact to Gmail experts for instant solution.

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