How to Disable/Block Pop Ups Issues Arising In Internet Explorer ?


Its very annoying while browsing internet with Internet explorer and we are getting pop ups issues. We won’t do web searches smoothly due to these pop ups and Our web browsing speed is also decreasing. This all happens due to Pop ups ads enable in Internet explorer.

As we know Internet explorer is a very safe web browser for our work. It protect our computer from any kind of phishing attack and it also very secured while we have to do some kind of monetary transaction. All Government website recommended Internet explorer. It is also relatively slow than other and facing troubles of pop ups ads more decrease the web browsing with Internet explorer. Might possible of Not opening any web page. System crash and many more. To get resolve these thing we must resolve pop ups issues first in internet explorer and keep it disable or block.

How to Disable/Block Pop Ups Issues Arising In Internet Explorer :

By default pop ups issues is not seen In internet explorer But someone facing pop ups issues and can’t use the internet explorer smoothly or internet explorer becomes more slower then he may stop/block pop ups ads from internet explorer. It is very easy to turn off pop ups ads in internet explorer. Internet explorer have a simple procedure to troubleshoot pop ups error in few seconds. Below there are set of procedure that help user to stop pop ups ads in Internet explorer. take these steps to remove pop ups issues from internet explorer.

  • If Internet explorer is opening just click on settings
  • Click on Tools, There are lots of option just keep mouse pointer over pop ups blocker
  • Choose  turn off pop ups ads
  • It open an alert box asking your permission “Are you sure you want to turn off internet explorer pop ups blocker”
  • Click on yes
  • Now Internet explorer stops all pop up.
  • If you want to allow pop ups of some sites then you can add the site in Pop ups settings.

If you again facing issues of pop ups issues,  you won’t disable pop ups ads from internet explorer or having troubles in disable pop ups ads from internet explorer then just contact internet explorer customer service phone number to obtain quick support for pop ups issues and many other technical difficulties of pop ups. Just contact Internet explorer technical support member and get solution.


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