1.866.216.9587 How to Delete My Gmail Account, if I Already Deleted My Gmail Account Then How Can I Recover it Again.


For any user it is a very tough situation to delete their Gmail account. But this is not your personal account and it have no longer to use your account then  you can go with delete account. it can be done in few seconds but once you delete your Gmail account, your all data, even your Gmail address also be deleted.

How to delete Gmail account:

  • Open Gmail account
  • Go to Gmail sign in and login with your username and password
  • Go to my account
  • Now go to account preferences
  • Go to delete your Gmail account or services
  • Click Delete Google Account and Data Arrow
  • Click Google account data
  • Again login to your Gmail account
  • Review the content that will be deleted
  • Click on download data to keep data archive
  • Now click delete account

Now your account is no longer available to you so you can’t access your Gmail account again. But if you have changed your mind and you want to recover your delete account again to work then don’t need to worry. It can be recovered once again within 2 or 3 week. If your account is restored you will be able to login to your Gmail account.

How to Recover Deleted Gmail Account:

  • Go to Gmail account support page
  • Enter your email id that you wish to recover account.
  • Now follow the instruction and answer some question to identify its your account
  • Now you can use Your Gmail account once again.

In Gmail if you have deleted your account and no longer to use, it deleted temporarily and Google provide 2-3 week to recover your deleted email account.  This is the time period to restore your Gmail account. if you missed that time period then your account is permanently deleted and Gmail account support page doesn’t provide any way to recover permanently deleted account. if you have any queries related how to delete Gmail account or how to recover deleted Gmail account. contact Gmail professionals and get instant solution of your Gmail account.


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