How to Create Distributed Mailing List in Gmail For My Professional Group and Contacts- Step By Step Solution

Mailing list in a Gmail is best option for sending emails to a large number of people on regular basis. As we know Gmail is frequently used web mail for personal as well professional work so this mailing list becomes quite valuable thing to us. This is very simple to configure, if someone don’t know how to setup a new mailing list in Gmail. They effectively use below guidelines.

How to Create Distributed Mailing List in Gmail For My Professional Group and Contacts :

  • Go to Gmail official page
  • Open Gmail with your username and password.
  • Click on Gmail from top left corner having Gmail with small triangle, click on it
  • Click on contact
  • Click on new group
  • Please enter a new group name
  • Now click on add user
  • Give the name or email address, click add
  • Do same thing again while you have add all person.
  • Now your group shown on your account
  • Now compose a new mail for all members
  • And click on send.

Now your new mail automatically diverted to all contact list. This is various beneficial in work place where some instruction or messages forward to all persons.  Then we simply configure mail list and add all persons. This mailing list makes easy to compose and send emails to your entire group member in one shot. If anyone having some troubles in create a new mailing list they can take remote support of specialized professionals and easily configure mailing list and do their all important want easily.

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