How to Compose A New Messages (Emails) in Gmail With Adding Attachments From Newly Created Gmail Account and Forward It to Any Mail Address

Gmail is a great invention in email world, it introduced in 1 April 2004 with banner of Google and today it gained its own recognition in top mailing client, it is frequently used web mail and it has a large number of its user, the best thing for user is its simple user interface, so user feel quite comfortable while they working with Gmail email.

But to support some user who is new for Gmail here are some basic guidelines about how to compose a new mails, and send mail with attachment, if someone have doubt on these thing they can take help here and effectively make a new mail with attachment and download receiving attachment.

 How to Compose A New Messages (Emails) With Adding Attachments From Newly Created Gmail Account and Forward It to Any.

  • Open Gmail
  • Click on Compose, given top left side with red rectangle box
  • Fill all field in new message box, it contains
  • To : give the receiver name on To filed
  • Subject : Give the messages heading on subject field
  • Body Part :  write your messages in body part just below the subject
  • Send : click send when your message writing is done.

Note : in compose box there are cc and bcc features, it respectively called carbon copy and blind carbon copy. It is use for

  • CC  : when we have to send same message to many receiver and every receiver known this message is deliver to this this person.
  • Bcc : if we don’t wanna inform the receiver about  messages is deliver to xyz we put the name of xyz in bcc.

How to Send Mail with Attachments :

  • Open Gmail
  • Fill : To, Subject, Message body.
  • Click attach file given second to send option
  • Add files
  • Now final click on send  button

Note: Before send an email we must have to add files using attach files given second to send option, then click send so our email carry an attachment and delivered to receiver address with attachment.

 How to download attachment:

If someone sends email with many attachments, we can simply download all attachment at once and one by one as you wish.

How to download attachment at once

  • Open gmail
  • Go to email, open messages
  • Clicks download all attachments
  • Now files download to your local device.

Note : if you want to download attachment one by one, open messages click on each file and one by one and click on download one by one.

If you have any difficulties related email, take a quick support of Gmail experts and get the quick solution for your Gmail problems.

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