1.866.216.9587 How to Change My Gmail Password Recovery Options, Step by Step Procedure


We all are familiar with benefits of email; it is frequently use to quickly send messages to our friends, family and other. To use email services we choose Gmail, outlook, yahoo for free mailing services. In which Gmail have a large number of member and it is frequently used web mail over internet. So far as Gmail access is concern it can be access through provided username and password. If someone registered with gmail.com they can simply login Gmail account and use their email account for email sending and receiving and many more.

For any how you get troubles in Gmail sign in and you unable to access to access your Gmail account. Then you can use Gmail password recovery to retrieve a new Gmail password. Gmail password recovery can be done through your phone number and recovery email address. but if you want to change Gmail password recovery option then you can do it in few seconds and reset your Gmail recovery option for future use.

How to Change Gmail password recovery option:

  • Go to gmail.com, click Gmail sign in
  • Enter your username and password and get sign in
  • Click gear box given right to open page
  • Go to Gmail settings
  • Go to account and import
  • Click on change password recovery option
  • Sign in again to verify your Gmail account
  • Add phone
  • Add email address
  • Click on save changes.

Adding phone number and recovery email is play a vital role in Gmail password recovery. If you got troubles in Gmail sign then you can effectively recovery through phone number and email address. if you have any queries related how to change Gmail password recovery option just contact to live experts and get instant rectification and solution of your all problem.

Keep your Gmail account too secure with two step verification enabled.


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