How to Block Unwanted Site Data Request in Google Chrome- Quick Chrome Support


How to Block Unwanted Site Data Request in Google Chrome: Most of people uses Google chrome for web browsing. It has best search algorithm and promote to safer web browsing than other web browser but sometime user faces pesky sites that annoyed user by open automatically. This pesky site may lead to slow down your computer performance and stolen your confidential information.

To get rid unwanted data request site Google chrome provide a smart solution to user. If user aware with this solution that can easily quit the pesky prompt by automatically declines the request. To fix this user have to go to the location and notification in the menu and select do not allow any site to show notification option  and another thing is don’t allow any site to track  your physical location.

How to Block Unwanted site data request in Google chrome

  • Open your computer and launch Google chrome web browser.
  • Click the three vertical dot and Go to the settings=>Advance settings => Content Settings
  • In location, enable Ask before accessing (recommended)
  • In notification, enable Ask before settings (recommended)

This is simple procedure to block unwanted site data request and to block the unwanted site notification settings also have an option block site by adding the url to block option and you will keep your web browsing safe to use. In future if you have any troubles related Google chrome issues just contact Google chrome customer support professionals and get instant remedy of your problems.

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