How Can I Save Our Gmail Emails and Attachments to Google Drive Easily, Best Tips

Keeping some important emails or attachments on online storage provide you backup facility for future so you can easily retrieve your emails whenever need it. so far as Gmail emails is concern, Google provide Google drive  online storage facilities to its user. Since Google drive and Gmail both are Google product so it easily integrate with each other and provide 15 GB storage facility for its user. If you have to save Gmail emails or attachment directly to Google drive on few clicks, you will immediately get your emails and attachment forwarded to your Google drive.

How to save your Gmail emails to Google drive:

Save Emails that don’t have any attached files :

  • Go to
  • Now Sign in to your Gmail account
  • Open email that you wish to save in Google drive
  • Click on print all
  • Click on change destination
  • Choose save to Google drive
  • Click on save
  • Now you email stored in Google drive.

How to save Gmail attachment:

  • ¬†Open Gmail
  • Open attachment email you received
  • Choose Google drive storage
  • Save all attachments
  • View Google drive

If you have any queries for how to save Gmail emails and attachments in Google drive, just contact Gmail proficient; take a quick solution for how to save Gmail emails and attachments in Google drive. Get all possible way that makes easy to save your Gmail emails and effectively use Google drive storage for future backup facility of your important emails.

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