Gmail Password Recovery Without Phone Number?

Are you having troubles in Gmail sign in? don’t know your Gmail /Google account password  forgot/lost it  now worried for how to do Gmail password recovery. So don’t be bother it. Google helps their Gmail users in various ways how having troubles in Gmail sign in. They provide various recovery options to do get reset your Gmail account once again. So with the use of those recovery option you are able to get reset your Gmail account password in worse situation and get into your Gmail account.

So far as Gmail login issues is concern, it is very ordinary problem but it could be worse to worst it you don’t have any recovery option available. In a simple word it is quite easy to get reset your Gmail account with phone number if you forgot your password. With phone number you can do recovery in few seconds. Our recovery phone number makes easily to verify by Google. So through phone number our authentication is done.  If a user who having troubles in Gmail sign in is opt password recovery by phone number then to authenticate that  user Google simply send 6 digit verification code on their phone number by sms or phone call, whatever we choose the option to get the verification code. So once we enter the code. Google validate it and then gives us option to create a new Gmail password for our account.

Gmail password recovery without phone number.

It is quite possible to user lost their phone number or they have been added their old phone number in their Gmail account so unable to perform recovery with phone number. So they becomes worried for Gmail password recovery if forgot or lost password. But there are nothing to get worry. What happened if you don’t have your phone number, you can also do recovery with other option. We can do my account change password with alternate email address, security question answer or through identify your identity.

We perform our email account recovery through identify your identity whenever we don’t have any recovery option available. It is little changing because we have to simply answer the some questions. If we are unable to answer it then we lost our email account for forever. In this questionnaire we have to answer all questions. We can’t skip anyone but we can answer the most relevant solution. If we becomes satisfy the Google then we get an option to chance password on our alternate or provided email address.

Take these steps, it demonstrate how to do Gmail password recovery without phone number.

  • Open Gmail website.
  • Go to the sign in page.
  • Enter your Gmail webmail address
  • Now click on forgot password.
  • If you know your previous password then continue sign in with the old password or click on change password.
  • If you don’t remember your password then you can go with phone verification.
  • Since you don’t have your recovery phone number then try with another question.
  • So do recovery with your alternate email address or identity your identity and finish the procedure.
  • Once you verified your get an option to create new password on your provided email address.
  • So simply create a new strong password for your Gmail account and finish the recovery steps.

In case of any troubles you can take the help of Gmail help desk forum, an offline Gmail customer care services where you put your issues on ask your question and submit the question. Then after some time you get the experts reply related to your problems. If you don’t want to go with that or look to live technical support for Gmail password recovery procedure then you can use Gmail password recovery phone number, a third party phone number that instant connect you with expert professionals through which you get your problem solution.


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