Get Troubleshoot Help Internet Explorer (IE) Not Working / Stopped Responding on Windows 10


Internet explorer is the default web browser provided by Microsoft with Windows. The Default web browser that coming with any windows installation. It is very safe and secure and highly recommended while we have to use government web sites. This the excellent web browser inn security point of view but when we talk about its speed then we found it is quite slow then other web browser available on Internet.  So less people want to do searches with Internet Explorer.

But there are always a large number of its user, All having one complaint about Internet Explorer(IE) Internet explorer is not responding or stopped responding while they are accessing any web pages or  Running very slow in Web browsing. It is not possible to speed up Internet explorer like other browser such as Google chrome, opera mini but we can improve or boost the Internet explorer speed.

If we have facing  Internet explorer (IE) not working or Not responding with windows 10 or other windows then don’t be upset with that, You can maximum resolve Internet explorer issues with provide Guidelines. Below there are some troubleshooting help for Internet explorer not working/ Not responding/ stopped working/ Running very slow. Just take below Guidelines and Boost your Internet explorer speed.

  • Scan your Computer with any up to date antimalware such as Norton, avira or others.
  • Open Internet Explorer (IE) clean history and Cookies.
  • Delete Temporary files from your computer. It slow down Internet browsing.
  • Disable or remove unnecessary program from your computer that causes slow internet explorer browsing.
  • Disable pop ups in internet explorer
  • If window update is on then make it off. It is also a big reason for internet explorer not working or stopped working.
  • Update version of internet explorer.

These things help to improve and speed up Internet explorer speed and also troubleshoot Internet explorer won’t working. If you have any queries about internet explorer then you can make contact with Internet Explorer customer services expertise and get the quick and best troubleshooting for Internet explorer not working. So you can enjoy web browsing with internet explorer once again effectively.


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