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Are you facing pop ups ads while browsing the internet? So why don’t you block them. Google chrome provides a procedure to get disable all annoying pop ups ads. It can be done in few seconds. So far as pop ups ads is concern, it is advertising ads that initiated by the user action such as mouse click or mouse over.

The Bad thing of pop ups ads is it slow down the browsing performance and it may also leads to intrusion malicious items and your computer gets corrupted or big turn off. If you don’t wanna face this annoying situation than simply disable pop ups ads of your browser, Google chrome provide various way to disable pop ups ads of your computer.

How to Disable Pop Ups Ads in Google Chrome:

Pop ups ads can be disabled using two different way first using adjust Google chrome settings and another using Pop ups blocker. Both ways are frequently used to block all unwanted ads (pop ups) and completely protect our computer from all the unwanted pop ups.

Disable pop ups ads through Chrome settings:

  • Launch Google chrome, click on three vertical dots and go to settings
  • Now Go to advance settings => content settings and finally reach to pop ups
  • And make pop ups blocked (recommended)
  • In Block, add url to don’t allow any sites to show pop ups (recommended)
  •  If you want to allow pop ups for any specific site just add url in allow.

Download and Install Pop ups blocker:

  • Click the three vertical dots and Go to the more tools=> extensions
  • Click to Get more extensions
  • Search for adblock extension
  • Click add to chrome
  • After some time it automatically installed to the browser
  • After installation chrome restart again and adblock start working.

In a future if you have any troubles related Google chrome just contact Google chrome customer support assistance and get the live support for existing problems.

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