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It a human tendency to lost or forgot their credential information while they are not using it since long time.  Gmail user also having such problem while they are not using their email account from since long time. To consider this human tendency Google also provided a simple procedure to get recover and reset their forgotten or lost Gmail password.

In a Gmail there are various ways to recover and reset forgotten Gmail password. But Gmail user frequently uses their existing remembered password and phone number to recover their lost Gmail account. So far as Gmail is concern we all know Gmail is frequently used web mail so there is large number of user queries for I forgot my Gmail account. So if a user having problems in Gmail sign in due to forgotten or lost password they use below method to get recover and reset their Gmail account easily.

How Do I Get or Recover My Gmail Account Password:

Its very simple to recover and reset forgotten Gmail password, it can be done using your previous remembered password and with your phone number. Below there are complete procedure to how can I change my Gmail password, if forgot it.

Gmail Password Recovery using an old remembered Google password:

1: Go to the Gmail official page

2: Go to the Gmail sign in and enter forgotten email id

Just below there are forgot password

3: Click on forgot password

4: Enter an old password you remember using with Google account.

5: Now create a new strong password for your Gmail account. For best security of password use alpha numeric character such as A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and special symbol for your password.

6: Click on reset password.

Gmail password Recovery using your verified phone number:

If you don’t remember old password then you can go with your linked phone number and you can easily reset your Gmail account in few seconds.

1: Just follow steps 1,2,3

2: click on try another way

3: Get verification code, Google sent  you verification code to your phone

4: choose Text or Call

5:  Enter code to provided box and precede verification.

6: if verification is ok, make a new strong password.

7: Use alpha numeric character such as A-Z,a-z,0-9 and special character to your password. It must be at least 8 Character long

8: Now finally finish steps.

In case if you have any troubles in How do I get my Gmail password when I forgot it just contact Gmail customer service online and get solution.





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