How to Find Missing or Lost Emails in Gmail Account?

How to Find Missing or Lost Emails in Gmail Account? If you’ve accidentally deleted your emails in Gmail and now looking for a solution to get them back to your inbox then there are some common fixes that you can use to recover the missing or lost emails in Gmail. We know how much important emails are for us in this digital world. Missing an important email can create a huge problem if not recovered on time. There are times when users accidentally delete the emails from the trash folder and then spend all of their time in looking for those emails. In this post, we’ll tell you all the solutions on how to find missing or lost emails in Gmail account in a simplified manner. But before we dig deeper, you should make sure to try out the common solutions to get those lost emails.

Common fixes to recover emails in Gmail account

  • If the email is archived, deleted or marked as a spam then click the “all mail” option on the down arrow in the search box and enter some of the information about the email that you’re trying to look for. Click on the search button to find that lost email in whichever folder it has been moved to.
  • If the email is filtered, then go to the Gmail settings and click on the “filter and blocked addresses” option. Now look for the filter including the word “skip inbox” or “delete it” and follow the instructions.
  • In case your emails are being forwarded to another account then you can make certain changes in the POP/IMAP to stop the email forwarding in Gmail.

Recover emails from the Gmail trash

To recover lost or missing emails in Gmail from trash you need to follow the instructions given below-

  • Login into your Gmail account.
  • Scroll down on the left side of the page and then click on “more trash” tab.
  • Put a check across the box next to the messages you want to move to your inbox.
  • Now click on “move to” tab to move email from trash to inbox.

Recover permanently deleted emails

Gmail takes the deletion of emails very seriously. If you permanently delete an email then there are certain conditions to be met before Gmail remove the traces of that email completely from your account. If a G Suite user permanently deletes email messages and later wants to retrieve them, there are certain things they should remember-

  • When a user deletes an email, it stays in their “Trash” folder for duration of 30 days.
  • During those 30 days, the user can recover his/her email from the trash.
  • Once the duration is passed, Gmail permanently removes that email from your account so you cannot recover that email any longer. But if you are an administrator, there is still a chance for you to recover those lost/missing emails.

How to recover missing emails in Gmail?

Unfortunately, there is no other way to recover missing emails using the Gmail interface. The only way to recover important email is by contacting the Gmail support team. To contact the Gmail support staff you need to fill a recovery form and submit it stating the reason and the method through which you’d like to recover those emails.

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