Fast Mail Customer Service Phone Number For Fast Mail Customer Support


Fast mail is the paid email service provided for indivisual as well as professionals with an extra layer of security U2F and TOTP that allowing user to sign in to their account with providing token. In previous it uses Yubikey that was providing features of generating one time password through Yubikey, the best security policy that quite suitable when sign in fast mail on the public computer.But later this features has been discontinued because it was rarely used while login to fast mail account.

Fastmail was founded in 1999 by Rob Mueller, Bruce Davey and Jeremy Howard , company headquarter in Melbourne Victoria Australia and it was owned by Opera mail browser. But later it was fully separated by Opera mail. After separation it goes to premium services and it move to to In their starting they offer free email services to its user but later it move to paid subscription and provided only premium email services to its user and all existing sign up given some offer to move to premium. It has a bigger drawback and it is sooner account expiry. If a user don’t active within last 120 days then its account discontinued for use and it will never reactivate.

So there are huge disappointment arises  and queries arises by user, to get resolve all user queries there are features of fast mail customer service phone number. It offers quick support and solution of any fast mail issues. If a user having any queries just contact on provided toll free number and get the instant solution for their problem.


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