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EarthLink is a such a wonderful internet service provider in USA that providing Dial up, DSL and Satellite all kind of option for getting fastest internet speed. It is also providing an email services i.e earthlink email service that have quite strong security features and spam filtration also providing services for personal as well as Business email features and we can activate up to 8 email address and keep track all of our mailing account at once.

If we want to access EarthLink account with our phone then there is also a facility of My earthlink mobile app that make you convenient email access, manage your contacts, bill payments, news facility and stock and weather service. So you can download mobile app for ios as well android mobile and effectively take the benefits of EarthLink email services.

Due to its huge functionality millions of people are currently using EarthLink email service so there are various complexity occur of customers  so to get resolve all the technical hassles there are always a need of  EarthLink email customer support specialist who takes care the all the obstacle that arising in your account to get them fix it.

Common problems in EarthLink email account:

Create an Earthlink email account:

We can obtain earthlink email for upto 8 account. It is also available for android and IOS both. If we have setup earthlink email on IOS then we can download earthlink web app from apple and if we have to setup earthlink email for android then we can obtain it from Google play store. To create a new EarthLink email account take below steps :

  • Open the url
  • Now sign in to open web mail, enter email address and password.
  • Then a new page is open i.e homepage where you go to my email features option.
  • Then click on add account.
  • Now enter the email address and password for your new email account.
  • Once you reach that option just choose the number of emails that you want to see in your emails.
  • Finally click on save button.

Earthlink email password recovery & reset:

It is very simple to get troubleshoot sign in problem of EarthLink email. If a user forgot their password they can use earthlink recovery option to get reset  earthlink email account with new password. Earthlink provide such a simple process to get reset your email account. We can simply use Earthlink recovery process  to change our password. If you have troubles in Earthlink password recovery take below guidelines.

  • If you don’t know your EarthLink email password then just click on forgot password option.
  • It open a page that provide a procedure to change your password.
  • This procedure ask to fill your email address and continue
  •  then verify your identity.
  • Once your identity is done it provide an option to change password.
  • Create  a new password for your account.
  • Now finish steps.

Email sending & receiving problems in Earthlink account :

Finding email sending & receiving problems in earthlink account is very common. It is mostly occur due to account configuration issues. If there are some issues in account settings then user faces the problem in email sending & recovery. If you have the same problem then just reconfigure your earthlink email account. If you have again getting problems then just contact the earthlink technical support experts.

Pop & Imap setup Issues in Earthlink :

Pop & imap setup gives you an option to setup Outlook, Gmail, yahoo, etc. account with your earthlink web mail account. This makes the increase the functionality of your mailing account. To do imap & pop setup we can go to earthlink account settings and simple setup our account with pop and imap configuration. If there are any issues on pop & imap setup then we can take the help of earthlink specialist  and easily get solution of our problems.

Earthlink  email backup and recovery :

Earthlink email providing us backup and restore features to deals with worst situation where we could not sign in to our account But due to backup of our emails, contacts & files we can minimize our losses so we can find our important stuff easily. Earthlink provide such a simple procedure to do backup of recovery of our emails, contacts, files. If a user having any troubles in doing Earthlink backup and recovery they  user find quick support and solution on EarthLink phone number and get solution.

How to Get EarthLink Customer Care Support and Service:

Troubleshooting EarthLink issues without experts is never possible. There are millions of user of EarthLink so there are various user issues. so to get troubleshoot all issues we need technical experts. Previously it was difficult to get support but now we can obtain Earthlink support via phone number. We can call Earthlink customer service phone number any time and share our all hinders with top technical professionals and get the online/offline support and services anytime and resume our email services once again.

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