How to Set up Message Filters in Mozilla Thunderbird

In a mail services there are features of filter. It is a program that works for incoming messages regarding provided condition. So a new incoming message arises in your mailbox. It check on that specific condition and on behalf of these condition it move to respective folder or automatically diverted to trash folder. The main purpose of using filter is to organizing our email in such a wonderful way that it automatically move to respected folder or if we don’t wanna see any messages in our inbox it automatically diverted to trash folder.

How to Automatically Move Emails to Folder in Thunderbird?

Like Gmail Mozilla thunderbird also provides filter facility to systematic organizes our incoming messages. we can easily create a filter for our incoming messages and provide some search pattern to get the specific messages in search and choose an action to do such activity on that emails. The resulting of this filter is moving an email to specific folder or deleting emails that don’t wanna see in our inbox. In a Mozilla thunderbird its very easy to obtain or create a new folder.

How do i Create a Rule that Directs Incoming Emails to a Specific Folder in Thunderbird

In a Mozilla thunderbird its very simple procedure to obtain filter and create filter for incoming messages on specific search pattern, we can do it in few seconds and take the benefits of filter for systematic organizing and move email on respective folder and smartly handle all incoming messages on behalf of search pattern . Below there are simple procedure to create a filter for your Mozilla thunderbird email account. if you don’t know how to create filter in Mozilla thunderbird then you can take the benefit of these guidelines and quickly create filter for all incoming messages on your specific search pattern and move emails in respective folder.

  • Just open your computer and launch the thunderbird application
  • Now click on tools and go to message filter.
  • Click on create new filter for Mozilla thunderbird
  • Give the name for your filter so you can easily recognize the filter.
  • Set the specific search pattern such as if you have to block someone messages just click on drop down box and select is from provided list.
  • In the next box just type the email address of that specific user.
  • Choose the task perform on that search pattern, choose delete
  • Now click on create.

Where are message filters stored in Thunderbird?

Now when any incoming messages come from that email address, it automatically moves to trash folder so your inbox remain clean from that user messages. You won’t see their messages in your inbox. If you have any difficulties regarding create filter then you can take help of Mozilla thunderbird help forum or  contact Mozilla thunderbird technical support assistance via phone number. To get free consult and support just contact Mozilla thunderbird customer service phone number and get instant solution for your problems and smoothly use thunderbird email services.

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